Tuesday, February 11, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home Recap

Thank you all for joining me in the 31 days to a cleaner home challenge.

I hope and pray this was an encouragement to you and helped you.
I had a lot of fun writing it and honestly was challenged by it too.
I have never blogged for 31 days straight like that before.
It forced me to figure out a new normal during this season.
I really found a good rhythm for me during the course of the 31 days and while I know at different times in our lives it will need to change and adjust again but for now it's great.

I'm enjoying living with less and feeling more freedom.
I'm finding I have so much more time to learn new things and spend time with the people who are important. I'm finding it's more relaxing and when a friend popped in the other day I didn't even think "oh no! What does my house look like?!"  Because while yes there were still some groceries needing to be put away (from the day before) my dishes were done, my stove top was clean, and the house felt pretty good. It was clean enough.

I really enjoyed spending some time really learning about the items on the six list.
I love making non-toxic cheap cleaning supplies that really work.
It's so nice knowing exactly what is around my family and not worrying about toxic fumes.

I want to have a clean home but I don't want my children to look back and say that I was always cleaning and never playing with them.
I am first and foremost a mom. A clean enough environment will do just fine.
And some days my babes need me a little extra and so I try to be sure to get just the essentials done while they're resting and spend the time they're up focused on them.
A little comical as today my oldest wasn't feeling well and wanted me near by and my youngest wanted attention. So tonight there are a few dishes left in the sink and I'm ok with that. I'll do them tomorrow. I'll get some sleep tonight so I can care for my family tomorrow.

Series Recap - 31 Days To A Cleaner Home:

Day 1//Why Clean?

Day 3//Less is Less

Day 4//Overwhelmed

Day 5//Perfection-the enemy of completion

Day 7//Seasons

Day 8//Feeling Dull

Day 10//Fresh Start

Day 11//Who Are You?

Day 12//Keep Going

Day 13//Planning for the Week Ahead

Day 14//Self-Discipline

Day 15//Time Vortex

Day 16//Habits and Routines

Day 17//Distractions

Day 18//Cleaning Binge

Day 19//Help!-It's ok to ask for or hire help.

Day 20//Life Happens.-Even on Sundays.

Day 21//Clean Enough

Day 22//Clean Smart

Day 23//The Cleaning Six List

Day 24//Cleaning With Vinegar

Day 25//Cleaning With Baking Soda

Day 26//Cleaning With Oxygen Bleach

Day 27//Cleaning With Rubbing Alcohol

Day 28//Cleaning With Dish Soap

Day 29//DIY Cleaning Solutions

Day 30//7 Organization Tips

Day 31//A Time For Everything.

I would love to hear from you.
Let me know what post was your favorite or what challenged you.
Show me pictures of a project you finished or an area you organized.
And know that I'm still here cheering you on.

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