Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Rough days....blessed heart.

So it has honestly been a rough couple of days here in my home.

Monkey has been unusually fussy and oh so very clingy. I am however so thankful for the time he and I have been able to spend together. The Mei Tai carrier could not have been finished at a more perfect time for us!
I'm not sure if Monkey is just about to hit a major milestone or if we are just in a weird phase right now but he has not been napping and so I have not been able to work. However, instead of getting worked up and frustrated that I haven't been able to work much as of lately I am totally enjoying this time with my baby. 
I still cannot believe he will be a year on the 3rd! We did all of this waiting for him to arrive and then time just FLEW by us!

My thumb is going to be alright. ha... No stitches required. I just took the bandage off to check it and redress it and though it is extremely sore it will be fine. This just happened at an annoying time for me as I'm trying really hard to get things caught up around the house before Monkey's birthday party. We're not having it at our house but I'm sure there will be family/friends who will come over after the party plus I just want and need to have things back in order as well as to be able to continue my chaos cleaning. 

On a more enjoyable note Monkey and I had a WONDERFUL time playing outside today!
We were out there for a few hours together. I laid out a blanket for us, took a small bin of toys out there for him and took a cup of coffee and a book for me. I became a mommy jungle gym and great fun to crawl over, on, up, tickle, and lick for Monkey and did not mind any of it one bit! (ok so not a flattering picture of my son at all...he looks...drunk or something haha)

While Monkey was playing I was reading "Self Talk, Soul Talk." This is an AMAZING book that every woman NEEDS to read!!! need to get yourself on over to amazon and buy a copy. (or at least attempt to find one at either your local library or see if a friend has it that you can borrow.) Self Talk, Soul Talk: What to Say When You Talk to Yourself
(if you click on the picture it will take you right to the listing on Amazon.)
I am actually going to buy myself a copy even though my local library has it and I've been borrowing it to read. I just feel this is one of those books I need to have on my shelf so I can highlight in it, write in it, go back to on those days when my self talk isn't what it should be, as well as let some of those special lovely ladies in my life read too.
    This time spent outside in the quite of our backyard, the sounds of my beautiful son playing and getting to spend some time reading today really blessed my heart and soul. I can not remember the last time I read a book. Especially something that betters my life the way this book is. I talk to myself all the time but most of the time they aren't the kindest of words. Words I wouldn't let others hear me say, things I would not say to someone else, but things I say to my soul. This is something God has really been working on in my life for quite some time now. I've pretty much always felt that I am never good enough and fail those I love most of the time. But I am learning that God made me who I am and how I am which is perfect in His eyes, I am only human, and I can not always be everything to everyone.
   The women's Sunday School class I was attending started doing Jennifer Rothschild's "Me, Myself, and Lies" just before I started going to the Dave Ramsey Class. I have wanted to do it on my own and keep up so I can go back to the class but I haven't kept up the way I wanted to. However, I am planning to go through the study myself fairly soon. Over the last few months I have really felt God moving in this area of my life. There have been several times at church and at small group about how we need to take our thoughts and minds captive. I need to replace my wrong thinking with things that are True. I need to speak truth to my soul.
How about you? Do you talk to yourself? I bet you do and don't even realize it.
Take notice tomorrow....what things are you saying to yourself? Are you being a cheerleader and speaking truth to your soul or are you being a "Debbie Downer" telling yourself lies, hurtful words, and continually scolding yourself?   Let me know your thoughts on this.

Last but not Promised.... Mei Tai pictures!!!

Daddy will even "wear" Monkey! They BOTH enjoyed the wearing bond they got today :)
Hubby was saying how great its going to be for going to the Fairs this summer! :) Wohoo!!!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Domestic Diva FAIL

Well all in one day I went from being Domestic Diva to Domestic Disaster!!!
Please don't laugh at me too much as I honestly share with you my domestic fiasco with you.

I had planned on getting up on time today (Dowe and I have been sleeping in a little the last few days.)  so that way I could shower, feed Monkey, then go do grocery shopping. I hadn't been shopping in a while and I wanted to know I had time to do everything I needed and wanted to do while I was gone. Well that didn't go so well. I've been having horrible nightmares again and last night was no different. This one was so bad I will not even tell Dowe about it. Blah. 
So instead of getting up I took comfort in my husband's arms. (Thank you sweetie!)

When I finally got up, showered, dressed, fed Monkey, and headed out the door I had less than 2 hours. So I drove across town, got cash from the ATM and made my first stop. Old Navy. 
Dangerous place for me as I use to work there. So its easy to get chatting with the people that still work there that I know as well as the fact that there was a 50% off clearance sale going on! The whole reason I went in there was to exchange a few things of Monkey's that I wanted to get in a bigger size for him. (crossing my fingers that we can get two summers out of these clothes...)
So I did what all I needed to do there without too much of a problem and without taking toooo much time.  Then to Walmart where I needed to get two things for Monkey's birthday aquarium, thread for husband's pants so I can finish hemming them, and shampoo for me. 
I grabbed the stuff for monkey and checked out totally forgetting the other two items...Dowe called me about the thread thankfully and I went back in to get it but still forgot the shampoo. :(  I then went to  get groceries and ran back home. I did pretty good with all of the groceries but I got back home with only around 15 minutes to make lunch, have Dowe eat, and leave for work on time. I planned on making taco salads which wouldn't take any longer than the meat to cook and throw everything together. Dowe worked on unloading the groceries while I started cooking. Monkey desperately wanted mommy so I threw him in the Mei Tai Carrier and away we went executing my plan for lunch. I had the ground beef cooking, Monkey was trying to watch daddy walk in and out of the house unloading groceries, and I was working on cutting up a tomato when *SLICE!!!* I cut my thumb wide open! UGH! I was using a serrated  knife and I wasn't using a cutting board. Then to top it off the juices from the tomato burned inside my cut. Dowe got monkey off my back and dealt with him while I tried to get the bleeding to stop. He then got me all bandaged up and asked if I was going to need stitches (still no real verdict on that but I don't THINK I will need any) and ended up leaving late for work. Blah! 

Then Monkey didn't nap well at all and was fussy pretty much all day long. Thankfully he loves being in the Mei Tai and was happy to be in there more than not today. We walked to the park and played for a while. He's now in bed and I have to go make dinner...oh yeah...another fail on my part tonight...Because of the sliced thumb I didn't have time to make dinner to send with hubby for at work so I'm off to make some dinner now. ugh.... ready for this day to be over with and to just go lay down in bed.

Tootles Blogspot World.

Monday, May 23, 2011

A Few Things I Love.... feet....

......spring time and getting to play outside.....

.....getting dirty......

....old navy $1 baby flip flops.....

.....walking in my son's room to wake him up for the day and finding him in a little ball in the corner, uncovered, and laying on top of his Tigger that he CANNOT sleep without..... boys..... husband and best friend....this picture from our wedding day....and the source of strength he has been to me over the past 21 months of being married...... crazy we were to drive from NY to Arizona when I was 36.5 weeks pregnant.....
...don't worry...I didn't have Monkey somewhere between here and there....we got back and I didn't have him till I was 41.5 weeks pregnant....11 days over due... family.

Domestic Diva

A few friends of mine have this little mini contest between themselves as to which one is a Domestic Diva. Bek, Biz, Rah, and Rebe who happen to all be related (first three are sisters last one is their cousin) are constantly trying to out Diva each other. I find this little contest a total riot! But today I am a Domestic Diva! I completed my first major sewing project since like 5th grade all on my own! WOHOO!!! Also I hemmed 2.5 of 6 pairs of Dowe's work pants. I ran out of the right color thread so I have to finish that yet but at least he wont get in any kind of trouble for not wearing his work pants now that he has 2 pairs hemmed.

I promised pictures so here they are! I am sorry that I didn't take more as I was working on the project. I will have to upload a picture of Monkey in it a little later.

Fabric Cut and Ready to Sew!

Completed Mei Tai. Outside.

Complete Mei Tai Inside.

Totally loving this already. I wasn't sure how Monkey would do being "worn"as he hasn't fit in the sling my mom made for me in quite some time. However, he did great! He actually really enjoyed himself "dancing" with mommy while I did some dishes. We put on some loud crazy up beat music and I bounced slightly while I washed the dishes and he wiggled around with me :)  Looking to maybe eventually put these up on my Etsy shop as well. :) 
(still unsure as to when my launch date will be but trust me I will let you all know!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Sew-Sew Excited!!!! =)

I have to tell you all how super excited I am!
A friend of mine from church has graciously offered her sewing machine to me for use over the weekend. *insert happy dance here!* And is bring it over to me TODAY!!!!!!

This could not be any better timing! 
Yes, I am super excited because I can finish Monkey's Mei Tai Carrier but Dowe just got his new uniforms in the other day and the pants are all toooo long.
Having a sewing machine here will save me from having to hand hem 6 pairs of pants. 
It really wouldn't be a huge deal but I'm just afraid it wouldn't be a good enough hem and that I would be redoing them at least once a month. My wonderful husband is 5'10" so his inseam normally is around a 32 or 33. His work pants however came as a 34 but are SOOO long! 
He asked his boss if it would be alright if I just hemmed them for him and his boss told him he would MUCH rather have me hem them than have to reorder them. (They're costly pants let me tell you!)

AHH! I am so super excited. I am going to stop blogging for now so I can go clean like a mad woman...that way once the sewing machine is here I am free to play!!! :) haha 
And don't worry....I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures of my sewing project as I'm going so I can post a whole blog about the Mei Tai. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

First Major Sewing Project!!!

AHH! I'm so excited! I have officially started my first major sewing project! I think the last time I did any sort of sewing project that was more than hemming my pants (I'm super short and have to hem almost everything) or fixing a seam was probably back in 4th or 5th grade. (I've been out of school for 4 years....Do the math.)
I spent the evening cutting this adorable fabric apart that my mom gave me.
She was going to make a ring sling for me but then I would have had two of them and with how big my son is its hard to carry him in a ring sing anymore.

How cute is that?! The best part is my mom bought it before my baby boy was born but we started calling him Monkey way before my mom gave me this fabric!

I am making a Mei Tai baby carrier. Heres an example of one.

Its basically like a Baby Backpack. I'll be able to carry my Monkey in this on my hip, back. or front as this picture shows. I am SUPER excited! I have to get some batting in order to make it so the straps will be more comfortable for me as well as another fabric to put on the back side of this but I'm hoping to do that some time really soon. (like in the next few days I hope...*crosses fingers*)

Once I have the rest of the stuff cut out and ready to be sewn together I just have to find someone who will be willing to let me use their sewing machine... :) I am really super excited and am hoping to eventually make more of these to put up on my Etsy Shop?! (this will require me having my own sewing machine first though I'm afraid.) I'll post more pictures soon on this project and of course let you all know how it turns out! :)


I've been checking out several different friend's blogs and a lot of them have Etsy Shops.
Now I'm not trying to be like everyone else here but I LOVE to do crafts!!
Beading, Knitting, Crocheting, Scrapbooking......OH MY!!! 
You name it and I HAVE to at least try it!

I love to just sit and crochet or knit something. In fact I have to date made more things than I can honestly count, including the afghan that is currently on Dowe's and my bed. It is so relaxing and makes me feel closer to the two loved ones who taught these crafts to me who are no longer here. Like their legacy's will still live on through my hands. 

My Great Grandmother taught me how to crochet. 
My Great Grandma is the lovely lady standing on the right hand side of this picture. 
(also have to point out my mom is the cute little kid at the end of the table on the left.)

Over the years of family vacations visiting my Great Grandparents down south, I grew to love sitting and watching my great grandma crocheting for hours on end. The fluid motions she would make with her hands, the way that the project she was working on had to be perfect in order to give it to whomever she was making it for, and seeing her "rip out" hours and hours worth of work because of realizing a mistake she made earlier and hadn't caught sooner. I never asked her to teach me over the years, just was happy to sit and watch. Then the very last trip we made before she passed away she handed me the project she was in the middle of working on and with great love and patience taught me the thing I had loved watching her do for so long. I don't remember ever asking her or her ever asking me if I wanted to learn, I just remember her handing me this beautiful thing she was in the process of making. From that moment on I was  "Hooked". I went out that night to Walmart with my parents and bought a small kit that was a "Learn to Crochet" book and a few crocheting hooks, as well as a couple of my favorite yarns in the same weight that she was using and the same size hook. It was a treasure...this gift she gave me.  Now if you knew this wonderful woman you would also know that she HATED her picture being taken. She would yell at my mom (who is a photographer at heart) every time she saw the camera was out. Now my mom is a very clever woman and was able to sneak a few special photos of my Great Grandma (her grandma) over the years. This time however was different. My Great Uncle J.P. was there (her son) and he asked her if my mom could have her permission to take a photo of us together. He told her how special that would be to me in years to come and though she wasn't thrilled about it, she agreed. I will forever be thankful for J.P. being there that day. This was the last picture that was ever taken of my great grandma.

There are times when I'm working on a project and I look down I see Her hands instead of mine.
The first time I had this happen I found it creepy and then wonderful. It now makes me smile thinking that maybe in some little way I'm a little like her. 

I learned how to knit because of KayLyn, a girl I use to babysit. She was learning how to knit from someone else and accidentally unraveled her whole project. Not knowing how to start it on her own and knowing she wasn't going to be seeing the woman who was teaching her for a while, I decided I would try to figure out how to "Cast on" for her. I started looking for directions on the internet and asked a friend to show me how to get started and it just went from there. I don't think that KayLyn ever got real far with knitting but because of her I learned how to knit and I made scarves for her and her younger brother and older sister for Christmas that year. :) 

Just look at that beautiful smile! Oh how I miss it.
KayLyn unexpectedly passed away just shy of her 11th birthday. 
She lit up the whole world with her presence. No matter how rotten of a day you were having she would make it better. KayLyn loved God with her whole heart and showed love to everyone around her better than anyone else I have ever known. KayLyn even knew that Dowe and I would get married even before we started dating. *smiles remembering that day* We had all gone to this park together with a big group of people. Dowe and I were still in high school and were just best friends at the time and weren't even talking about dating yet. (this was all back in 2005) KayLyn attached herself to us that day as we walked the park. She would come over to me and whisper in my ear that he liked me and how cute she thought he was. (She was quite the girl let me tell you! with FANTASTIC taste in men ;) haha) When Dowe and I started dating in 2007 the only thing she said to me when I told her was "I Knew it! I told you he liked you!"  She then told me a little while later that she knew we were going to get married. When Dowe proposed to me on March 15th 2008 I could not WAIT to tell her. I waited to tell KayLyn in person that Dowe and I were going to get married. She threw her arms around me and hugged me so tightly. Oh to feel that tight sweet embrace again...(some heaven I will.)  KayLyn sadly was not at our wedding in person as she passed away less than a  year before our wedding. Her mother and I shared a very emotional moment together at my wedding missing our beautiful KayLyn. Yes, everyone was very happy and excited for us for our wedding...but no one was quite as happy about it as KayLyn.  She also told Dowe and I that we would have beautiful babies together. She was right about that too. Our son was born 1 year and 9 months after KayLyn passed away and has an identical dimple to the one she had. He brings such joy to our lives like she did.

I loved to do crafts and have always enjoyed doing things with my hands anyways but having this little piece of these two loved ones with me when I knit or crochet makes it that much more special and enjoyable.
The biggest problem I have with doing crafts of any sort though is trying to figure out what to do with the things I make when they are done.... This is where my Etsy Shop will come in to place. With being on this new schedule and having so much more free time to be able to sit down and enjoy these crafts I am going to begin to sell them on Etsy. It will be a little while before my shop is up and running as I want to get a little bit of a stock pile of items to upload all at once to have a "grand opening".
The best part...I have Dowe's FULL support on this! He is also loving this idea. I brought it up rather cautiously a few nights ago telling him about Etsy and what I would like to do and he loved the idea!
I'm not looking to make a fortune on my Etsy shop but I would however love to make enough to be able to buy a sewing machine. I am not planning on having just one type of item on my shop either. I would love to have a wide variety of things. (Like I have said several times...I LOVE doing all sorts of crafts!) I am hoping to eventually also be able to take special orders and customize/personalize others. This will probably be down the road a little ways but I am so very excited! I hope you are too. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The End in the Beginning.

Well this concludes the first week of the new start.
Hubby is off for the weekend from work, Monkey and I are slowly starting to adjust to the new schedule, and I am looking forward to being back on Second Shift.

Who would have thought that the one thing I hated most (being on second shift for the past two years) would be the one thing I would look forward to most!

When Dowe was applying for supervisor we thought we had two options. Stay on Second or move to Third. After much prayer and consideration, along with a pro-con list, we had decided to make the move to Third. We asked God to do his will and that we knew that whatever happened we knew it was His best for us.

Just before the factory made a decision I began to realize how difficult Third would really be. I would no longer have my husband in bed beside me every night. A time I have really come to cherish with him. We tend to do a lot of our best talking just before drifting off to sleep I LOVE to snuggle. I love laying in bed with my head on his chest getting to listen to his heart beating and the rhythmic sound of his breathing when he has fallen asleep. He usually falls asleep before me but laying there in the quite listening to him more often than not puts me to sleep.

I began to question our decision to make the move to Third.
But then, God always has a plan.

Dowe's Brother, AirBear, also works at the factory. They both worked on Second together for a long time just with different roles and responsibilities. Then back around two months ago AirBear took another position that landed him on Third. Dowe questioned if his brother would really like being on Third and reminded him that once he had moved to Third he would be there for a year. This was all before there was even any thought that the Second or Third shift supervisors would be leaving.
Because AirBear and Dowe are brothers, Dowe can not be his boss. Thus making it so Dowe could not go to Third.

 I am thankful. God had a plan. He always has a plan. We just don't always realize what those plans are and need to learn to trust that He has our best in mind. He knows the desires of our heart even when we do not realize what those desires fully entail.

I am looking forward to the new schedule and how it works with being back on Second.
Monkey has been in bed and asleep the last TWO nights in a row by 10:10pm!!! (our goal again is to have him in bed at 10pm.) I am of course up a little later tonight as I am finishing up this recap of the first week of new beginnings but am headed to bed myself shortly.

A few goals for this up and coming week are as follows:

  • Spend Good Quality time with God EVERY DAY
  • Make Mother's Day Cards for my mom and my mother in-law
  • Make my "Baby Backpack" (Monkey has been very clingy lately and wants me to hold/carry him all the time but he is already half my height and weighs 23lbs at 11 months...So it gets very tiring.)
  • Continue working on Chaos Cleaning
  • Put in as much time for work as possible this week (I need to make up for the lack of working I did this week...ugh.)
  • Continue planning Monkey's Birthday Party and begin to buy things for it

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motherload Giveaway!

NaptimeDiaries is doing an AWESOME Mother's Day Giveaway!
With 16 different prises there is something there for everyone.
You don't even HAVE to be a mother for this giveaway! (You can always enter to give it to your mother or as a fun thing for yourself.) There are tons of ways to snag extra entries to the giveaway such as Following the sponsor's blog, Liking them on Facebook or Twitter, Adding the shops as a Favorite, or even doing a blog post telling others about the give away (as I am doing now!)

Check out some of the beautiful prizes you can enter to win!:

18x24 oil on canvas landscape & figure painting by Kelly Bollman Art
you can commission it from a photograph or submit an idea

Super cute and unique Headband!

Who doesn't like receiving a personal card in the mail? And handmade cards to boot? 
I think that beats out bills ANY DAY!!!
Not all of us have the time to make them ourselves so why not win some to send!!

This is so super cute as well first of if you're like me and have to carry a diaper bag around all of the time the last thing you want is to have to carry a purse too. This would fit perfectly inside the diaper bag or easy to quick grab when running out of the house on a quick errand. 

This is just a snipit of prises that you could win!
Now mind you I haven't decided what I'm putting my entries in for just yet but thats just because there are so many to choose from!!!

(Please note all of the images are links to the creator's website)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bumpy Beginnings....

Well today is day 3 of our new beginnings. I must confess it has not gone quite the way I had hoped and planned and it has been frustrating.

Sunday night Monkey was in bed and asleep by 10pm! YAY! That is our goal bed time for the baby. However, he was awake and wanted/needed to nurse at 4:30am Monday morning. I got up with him and fed him then put him back to bed. Within minutes of falling back to sleep, Husband's alarm went off for day one of new job. We got up, I made Dowe breakfast and packed him a lunch, watched a little tv together, and saw him off to work at 6:15am. We talked on the phone as he drove to work and then at 7am I went back to sleep. Bad choice number one. I then did not get up until 10:30am when my phone went off from a text and also from the baby being awake in the next room. 

Monkey and I lounged around and snuggled for a bit then got ready for the day. He took a good nap and then got to play with daddy in the evening. He did not go to bed at 10pm though. Dowe and I wanted to have a little time to spend alone snuggling and chatting about his first day in the new job so we put Monkey to bed early. Monkey acted really tired and seemed like he would go to bed when we put him down at 9pm which I was really excited for. Instead, Monkey and I were miserable. I was so paranoid that he would keep Dowe up that I couldn't relax so at 10pm Monkey and I got up and came downstairs. I let him play on the floor with his toys while I watched an episode of Dick Van Dyke on Netflix. 

We finally got to bed around Midnight and asleep by 12:30.
Tuesday Morning at 5am Hubby's alarm went off. He got up to shower and I told him when he was out of the shower to come wake me (giving me an extra half hour of sleep). I made him breakfast, finished packing his lunch that I had half packed the night before, then went back to bed after he left at 6:10am. Bad choice number two.We did not talk on his way into work as I wanted to go back to sleep for a couple of hours and then get up at 8am. Our goal get up time is 8am with the goal bed time being 12am for Dowe and I. It was after 11am after I crawled out of bed still exhausted. ugh. 

Dowe and I went out to celebrate the new job last night. My friend Kay watched Monkey for us and we went out to dinner. We both really enjoyed our meals, and as a mom it was fantastic to get to eat my food while it was still hot and not worrying about if my boys were all set or needed anything. To just sit there together the two of us and have enjoyable adult conversation, a good hot meal that frankly I didn't have to make, and getting all dressed up for a night out with my husband was WONDERFUL! Do not take this the wrong way. I LOVE to cook. I LOVE taking care of my boys and making sure all of their needs are met. I LOVE the way our son baby babbles to us and even the conversations my husband and I have at the dinner table that revolve around baby. And you get use to eating hot foods cold and cold foods warm and its ok. But its just nice to once in a while have it be just the two of us, to have someone else cook the meal, to get to talk about whatever we want, and to not have any worries...Its just nice. 

Bad Choice numbers Three and Four. I throughly enjoyed what I ordered however I have been regretting it all last night and so far today. It ended up being a little more spicy than I anticipated and it had raw onions on it which I didn't realize till I was almost done eating. I am allergic to raw onions....and it happened to be red onions which are the worst ones for me to have. I am itchy and still broke out today along with a nice stomach ache. *insert sad face here.* Also, Since hubby and I were celebrating we decided to have a drink together. We do not drink very often and do not have very much when we do. I am a total light weight. My husband and I are not too far off size wise (he is more muscular and has around 8 inches on me) and he can have more than double what I drink and still not have it affect him. I however drink a wine cooler that has hardly any alcohol in it and I feel it. (he teases me something awful for this.)  
Now I know you may freak out and say "But I thought you were a breastfeeding mom!" I am. I have also done extensive research into this and WOULD NOT drink at all if I thought it would at all affect our son. My Husband and I both feel that the way we do it is ok and so that is that. 
But I am afraid the spicy stuff I had plus all the sugar (between the drink I had and our dessert of Italian Ice Cream and slice of Cheese Cake) may have been a little too much for the baby...  We were up till 1am. 

Monkey, Dowe, and I all went to bed at 10pm Tuesday night. Monkey fell right to sleep when we put him down but Dowe and I were wired and so we enjoyed some lovely pillow talk about anything and everything. Then at 11:30pm the baby woke up. I waited a while hoping he would just fall back to sleep but he didn't. So we got up and were up till after 1am. 
Five AM the alarm went off, 8 hours later and I'm still up!! Up with Dowe, packed a lunch, made breakfast for him, and saw him off to work. We talked as he drove to work and I relaxed in the living room but I did not go back to bed. And since I have been up I have done a lot around here! Cleaned up the living room, dining room, and caught up on some of the dishes. YAY!!! *does a little happy dance*

Now I'm sure I'm going to totally crash tonight after we get home from small group with church family but thats alright! This may just be the boost I need to try to get us over to the new schedule. 

Also I had a meeting with my family pastor's Wife this morning. Which I think went REALLY well. We're both so excited about this Meals Ministry to get going. Actually its going to happen starting today/next week as we have a lovely family in our church having a baby within the next week more than likely.

Now I know this blog has been a long one but just one last thing and please bear with me.

My dad's Uncle committed suicide yesterday. I ask that you would be praying for the whole family as this is devastatingly shocking news. Now I honestly wasn't real close to him but the fact that he actually took his own life still felt like someone punched me in the stomach while stabbing me in the heart and twisting the knife all at the same time. I have no idea when the services will be but please keep everyone in prayer as its a big shock.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

New Beginnings.

Tomorrow starts a whole world of new beginnings for my little family.

New Job for hubby! YAY! Yes, My love got the job! He is now Supervisor and starts in the morning with training. We're so super excited. I cannot tell you how honestly excited I was to be washing his work uniforms for the last time this weekend so we can turn them in tomorrow! (In fact I even stayed up a little later tonight just to finish drying and folding the ones to turn in so they will ALL leave the house at the same time tomorrow!) Yes he will have a uniform still but as silly as this is I like the new style/colors he gets with this promotion. Plus they wont be as hard to clean now. :)

New (more normal) Schedule for us. Both of my boys (Hubby and Monkey) were asleep in bed at 10pm. Seeing as Dowe is training on First Shift for a week or two before going back to second we have decided to try to get on a better schedule starting tonight/tomorrow.  I especially am looking forward to this and am interested to see how it goes.

New Budget. As I have said before we are taking the FPU class at our church and with Dowe's new job we have to redo our budget and I'm actually looking forward to it this time! :)

New Ministry outreach with my church. I am going to be the coordinator of a meals ministry for families who have just had a baby, lost a loved one, or are having serious health issues. 

New Goals. I have a whole list of new goals, some starting tomorrow and some starting in a few weeks when Dowe goes back to his shift. So here they are.....

  • Get rid of things we do not need/want anymore. Yes this has been part of my Chaos Cleaning To Do's but with Dowe's new job we are seriously considering the fact that we will hopefully actually be able to get a place of our own fairly soon instead of renting much longer. I do not want to move things we do not need/want. 
  • Read more books.    I am a book lover. Have been since I was little. However, since I have had Monkey I have not really had much time to read. I am hoping that I will be able to put him to bed at 10pm, and then spend that time from 10pm till around 11:30pm when Dowe will get home from work reading.
  • Do More Crafts!    I am also a craft crazy! I love to crochet, knit, scrapbook, sew, even cut pictures out of magazines and do collages. You name it I probably like it or would at least try it! (Can also use time after baby goes to bed for this.)
  • Be More Consistent with my alone time with God.  Though I have been doing better as of lately than I have ever been before, I still am not doing it every day like I need to. Something always seems to come up. :( I am hoping that I can get up a little before Monkey in the mornings, have breakfast and do my devotions.
  • Spend more time out doors. As the weather is slowly but surely getting nicer I want to be out doors more.  Cleaning up the yard, cleaning out the flower bed, going for nice long walks with my boys, cooking out, whatever! I just want to get out there and get some fresh air! (this one really isn't too difficult to do but still.)
  • Be more consistently doing Elimination Communication with Monkey. For more information on this look up the book "The Diaper Free Baby"
  • Take  better care of myself so I can take better care of my boys.
  • Look mad hot for my husband for our anniversary trip. This means being able to wear whatever Pre-Baby stuff I have that he would want to see me in for our little get away sometime this summer. (Possibly including a 2-Piece Swim Suit....GASP!)
Those are all of the ones I can think of right now but if I come up with any more I will let you know. :)
But for now I need to get myself to bed so I can also get on this new exciting schedule! :)
Good night world.