Friday, October 31, 2014

Pregnancy after miscarriage.

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This was never a road I thought I would walk.
This was not the life I had planned.
This is not at all where I thought I would be at 25.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be "that blogger."
You know, the one who blogs about her pregnancy loss, the emotions that go along with it, and then not blog about the pregnancy that has since followed.

That's right.

I'm pregnant and I can't seem to blog about it.

If I were still pregnant with Zoe right now I would be 39 weeks.
I would be big, uncomfortable, anxiously awaiting her arrival, and doing whatever last minute things I could to prepare to bring her home.

But instead I blog about the life we almost had.

After our loss my husband and I grieved hard.
I was really deeply depressed for a few months and there are large
chunks of time missing from my memory.
When I scroll back through my phone during that time frame I'm so thankful for the pictures so I can see what we did and how my boys grew.
But there are certain pictures I struggle to look at.

We had people ask us if we were going to "try again."
While I knew those people meant well those words left a bitter taste.
Try again?! Like Zoe was replaceable.
I didn't want to get pregnant again.
I didn't want a different baby.
I wanted Zoe.
You know, the baby I had carried for a short time, had die in my womb,
and held her tiny body in my hand after she left my body.

I was done. I didn't want to possibly go through that again.
I didn't want to be that vulnerable again.
I didn't want to possibly feel life ripped from my body in a way that ripped my heart out.
Not again.

And then it happened.
My period was late.
I'm never late.
I was having horrible one sided pain.
I panicked.
We were just about to leave on vacation.
A much needed anniversary trip my husband and I had been planning for months.
A trip for just the two of us to get away and reconnect.
While we had been trying to stay close to each other, we were both so lost in our grief we couldn't find each other.
I thought I was having an ectopic pregnancy.

But I didn't.
It wasn't.
I was pregnant.

And then I stopped blogging again for a while.
I couldn't do it.
I couldn't blog about this pregnancy when I never had the chance to blog happily about the last one.

I finally announced my pregnancy on here and left it at that.
But now I feel like maybe I need to blog about what it's like to be pregnant after loss.
Everyone is different obviously but I want to blog about my experience so maybe some day it will help someone else.

There are so many emotions that go along with a pregnancy to begin with.
Adding in a pregnancy after a miscarriage brings in a whole other world of emotions.
It brings a long a lot more questions, fears, and worry than my first two pregnancies.

So I hope you join me in the journey of pregnancy after miscarriage.
It's my prayer that you'll find hope, a sense of community, and encouragement in my blog.
So please, join me in this journey. One that affects so many but so few speak about.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

We Like To Party!

So y'all know I love cloth diapers. Did you know that I love to party though?!
Cloth diaper party baby! We're inviting YOU to join us for the Soft Bums midnight release party of the limited edition Midnight Diaper!

Let me tell you all the color in person is GORGEOUS! Midnight blue with black snaps, leg toggles that are just genius as they'll fit even the smallest of newborn legs, super soft inner with a great bamboo soaker. I totally love this diaper already.

So come join me and all your favorite cloth diaper bloggers for a party! And of course the chance to win lots of awesome prizes! :) All the deets are spelled out below along with a peek at all of the wonderful things you could win!

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Friday, October 3, 2014

The broken road of grief.

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Grief is so difficult.
There are layers and layers to one's grief.
No two people experience the loss of the same person in the same way.
Words that may comfort one person may hurt another.

For some grief washes over them like a giant wave.
They get pulled down in a tidal wave and feel like they struggle to breathe.
They're lost out to sea in waves of emotions.
Fighting and struggling to keep their head above the water.

For others the loss they experienced doesn't hit them for years.
One day something triggers a memory or a moment they had tried hard to forever erase.
It may knock them off their feet or they may continue to fight it for a while.
But we all grieve.

I experienced my first loss of a loved one at the age of three.
My great grandmother passed away and I attended the funeral.
I have attended more funerals than I am old.
At age 12 I lost my grandpa whom I was very close to.
It took me 7 years before I was able to visit his grave and fully grieve.

But what about the loss that has no closure of a service?
How do you find the closure that we so desperately desire?

After we lost Zoe Mae I really struggled with that.
She was so small that no one but my husband and I knew about her life.
There would never be any proof but a positive pregnancy test that she even existed.

Grief is a broken road we walk.

What I never expected to be so difficult though was my son's grief.
For months after we told him about his sister, he never spoke her name.
Never once asked questions.
He seemed to take it in stride and I guess I thought maybe because he didn't know till months after we had lost her that it was never real to him.
But after we told him that mommy was pregnant again things seemed to change.

For a while he was angry and would lash out for no apparent reason.
Then he started asking questions.
My husband and I have always agree that we would always give age appropriate answers for our children's questions. I never thought I would have to answer questions on the death of a sibling they never got to meet.

Loss and death are hard for anyone at any age but a child should not have to lose their innocence so early.

He began drawing pictures of our family.
The pictures always include Mommy, Daddy, Monkey, Bug, the new baby, and Zoe.
And while beautiful it makes this momma's heart ache to see my son so deeply changed by the loss of his sister.

Today he's sad.
All morning he has wanted nothing more than to snuggle under a blanket with me.
To be extra close to me and for me to hold him.
We sat that way for a couple of hours just holding hands and snuggling.
He's cried a lot today over things that normally he wouldn't think twice about.
He has talked to me about how his heart is sad and how he misses Zoe.

But that's how grief is.
It hits us when we least expect it.
It leaves us feeling breathless and exhausted.
It's a broken road we walk; not because we want to but because we must.

I often question and wonder if we did the right thing in telling our oldest son about Zoe.
Babies aren't suppose to die but sometimes for reasons we'll never understand they do.
Did we do the right thing in telling our son why mommy was so sad for so long?
Did we tell him for the right reasons?
Or did we simply tell him to help our own grief?
I may never know what was the right thing to do.
But we did what we thought was best with the information we had at the time.

Zoe went to be with Jesus and we're left behind with our grief.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

#TryAllTheDiapers Giveaway extravaganza!

So many of you know I love cloth diapers.
I've been cloth diapering for 4 years now. (woah!)
So I'm very happy to be part of a massive cloth diaper giveaway.
Join in on the fun with an awesome group of cloth diapering bloggers and #winallthediapers!

Good luck and have fun!
And feel free to share it with all your friends!
Did I mention there will be 30 prizes won in this giveaway. Oh yeah it's gonna be good.

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