Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bumpy Beginnings....

Well today is day 3 of our new beginnings. I must confess it has not gone quite the way I had hoped and planned and it has been frustrating.

Sunday night Monkey was in bed and asleep by 10pm! YAY! That is our goal bed time for the baby. However, he was awake and wanted/needed to nurse at 4:30am Monday morning. I got up with him and fed him then put him back to bed. Within minutes of falling back to sleep, Husband's alarm went off for day one of new job. We got up, I made Dowe breakfast and packed him a lunch, watched a little tv together, and saw him off to work at 6:15am. We talked on the phone as he drove to work and then at 7am I went back to sleep. Bad choice number one. I then did not get up until 10:30am when my phone went off from a text and also from the baby being awake in the next room. 

Monkey and I lounged around and snuggled for a bit then got ready for the day. He took a good nap and then got to play with daddy in the evening. He did not go to bed at 10pm though. Dowe and I wanted to have a little time to spend alone snuggling and chatting about his first day in the new job so we put Monkey to bed early. Monkey acted really tired and seemed like he would go to bed when we put him down at 9pm which I was really excited for. Instead, Monkey and I were miserable. I was so paranoid that he would keep Dowe up that I couldn't relax so at 10pm Monkey and I got up and came downstairs. I let him play on the floor with his toys while I watched an episode of Dick Van Dyke on Netflix. 

We finally got to bed around Midnight and asleep by 12:30.
Tuesday Morning at 5am Hubby's alarm went off. He got up to shower and I told him when he was out of the shower to come wake me (giving me an extra half hour of sleep). I made him breakfast, finished packing his lunch that I had half packed the night before, then went back to bed after he left at 6:10am. Bad choice number two.We did not talk on his way into work as I wanted to go back to sleep for a couple of hours and then get up at 8am. Our goal get up time is 8am with the goal bed time being 12am for Dowe and I. It was after 11am after I crawled out of bed still exhausted. ugh. 

Dowe and I went out to celebrate the new job last night. My friend Kay watched Monkey for us and we went out to dinner. We both really enjoyed our meals, and as a mom it was fantastic to get to eat my food while it was still hot and not worrying about if my boys were all set or needed anything. To just sit there together the two of us and have enjoyable adult conversation, a good hot meal that frankly I didn't have to make, and getting all dressed up for a night out with my husband was WONDERFUL! Do not take this the wrong way. I LOVE to cook. I LOVE taking care of my boys and making sure all of their needs are met. I LOVE the way our son baby babbles to us and even the conversations my husband and I have at the dinner table that revolve around baby. And you get use to eating hot foods cold and cold foods warm and its ok. But its just nice to once in a while have it be just the two of us, to have someone else cook the meal, to get to talk about whatever we want, and to not have any worries...Its just nice. 

Bad Choice numbers Three and Four. I throughly enjoyed what I ordered however I have been regretting it all last night and so far today. It ended up being a little more spicy than I anticipated and it had raw onions on it which I didn't realize till I was almost done eating. I am allergic to raw onions....and it happened to be red onions which are the worst ones for me to have. I am itchy and still broke out today along with a nice stomach ache. *insert sad face here.* Also, Since hubby and I were celebrating we decided to have a drink together. We do not drink very often and do not have very much when we do. I am a total light weight. My husband and I are not too far off size wise (he is more muscular and has around 8 inches on me) and he can have more than double what I drink and still not have it affect him. I however drink a wine cooler that has hardly any alcohol in it and I feel it. (he teases me something awful for this.)  
Now I know you may freak out and say "But I thought you were a breastfeeding mom!" I am. I have also done extensive research into this and WOULD NOT drink at all if I thought it would at all affect our son. My Husband and I both feel that the way we do it is ok and so that is that. 
But I am afraid the spicy stuff I had plus all the sugar (between the drink I had and our dessert of Italian Ice Cream and slice of Cheese Cake) may have been a little too much for the baby...  We were up till 1am. 

Monkey, Dowe, and I all went to bed at 10pm Tuesday night. Monkey fell right to sleep when we put him down but Dowe and I were wired and so we enjoyed some lovely pillow talk about anything and everything. Then at 11:30pm the baby woke up. I waited a while hoping he would just fall back to sleep but he didn't. So we got up and were up till after 1am. 
Five AM the alarm went off, 8 hours later and I'm still up!! Up with Dowe, packed a lunch, made breakfast for him, and saw him off to work. We talked as he drove to work and I relaxed in the living room but I did not go back to bed. And since I have been up I have done a lot around here! Cleaned up the living room, dining room, and caught up on some of the dishes. YAY!!! *does a little happy dance*

Now I'm sure I'm going to totally crash tonight after we get home from small group with church family but thats alright! This may just be the boost I need to try to get us over to the new schedule. 

Also I had a meeting with my family pastor's Wife this morning. Which I think went REALLY well. We're both so excited about this Meals Ministry to get going. Actually its going to happen starting today/next week as we have a lovely family in our church having a baby within the next week more than likely.

Now I know this blog has been a long one but just one last thing and please bear with me.

My dad's Uncle committed suicide yesterday. I ask that you would be praying for the whole family as this is devastatingly shocking news. Now I honestly wasn't real close to him but the fact that he actually took his own life still felt like someone punched me in the stomach while stabbing me in the heart and twisting the knife all at the same time. I have no idea when the services will be but please keep everyone in prayer as its a big shock.

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