Friday, May 20, 2011

Sew-Sew Excited!!!! =)

I have to tell you all how super excited I am!
A friend of mine from church has graciously offered her sewing machine to me for use over the weekend. *insert happy dance here!* And is bring it over to me TODAY!!!!!!

This could not be any better timing! 
Yes, I am super excited because I can finish Monkey's Mei Tai Carrier but Dowe just got his new uniforms in the other day and the pants are all toooo long.
Having a sewing machine here will save me from having to hand hem 6 pairs of pants. 
It really wouldn't be a huge deal but I'm just afraid it wouldn't be a good enough hem and that I would be redoing them at least once a month. My wonderful husband is 5'10" so his inseam normally is around a 32 or 33. His work pants however came as a 34 but are SOOO long! 
He asked his boss if it would be alright if I just hemmed them for him and his boss told him he would MUCH rather have me hem them than have to reorder them. (They're costly pants let me tell you!)

AHH! I am so super excited. I am going to stop blogging for now so I can go clean like a mad woman...that way once the sewing machine is here I am free to play!!! :) haha 
And don't worry....I will be sure to take LOTS of pictures of my sewing project as I'm going so I can post a whole blog about the Mei Tai. 

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