Thursday, May 5, 2011

Motherload Giveaway!

NaptimeDiaries is doing an AWESOME Mother's Day Giveaway!
With 16 different prises there is something there for everyone.
You don't even HAVE to be a mother for this giveaway! (You can always enter to give it to your mother or as a fun thing for yourself.) There are tons of ways to snag extra entries to the giveaway such as Following the sponsor's blog, Liking them on Facebook or Twitter, Adding the shops as a Favorite, or even doing a blog post telling others about the give away (as I am doing now!)

Check out some of the beautiful prizes you can enter to win!:

18x24 oil on canvas landscape & figure painting by Kelly Bollman Art
you can commission it from a photograph or submit an idea

Super cute and unique Headband!

Who doesn't like receiving a personal card in the mail? And handmade cards to boot? 
I think that beats out bills ANY DAY!!!
Not all of us have the time to make them ourselves so why not win some to send!!

This is so super cute as well first of if you're like me and have to carry a diaper bag around all of the time the last thing you want is to have to carry a purse too. This would fit perfectly inside the diaper bag or easy to quick grab when running out of the house on a quick errand. 

This is just a snipit of prises that you could win!
Now mind you I haven't decided what I'm putting my entries in for just yet but thats just because there are so many to choose from!!!

(Please note all of the images are links to the creator's website)

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