Monday, May 23, 2011

Domestic Diva

A few friends of mine have this little mini contest between themselves as to which one is a Domestic Diva. Bek, Biz, Rah, and Rebe who happen to all be related (first three are sisters last one is their cousin) are constantly trying to out Diva each other. I find this little contest a total riot! But today I am a Domestic Diva! I completed my first major sewing project since like 5th grade all on my own! WOHOO!!! Also I hemmed 2.5 of 6 pairs of Dowe's work pants. I ran out of the right color thread so I have to finish that yet but at least he wont get in any kind of trouble for not wearing his work pants now that he has 2 pairs hemmed.

I promised pictures so here they are! I am sorry that I didn't take more as I was working on the project. I will have to upload a picture of Monkey in it a little later.

Fabric Cut and Ready to Sew!

Completed Mei Tai. Outside.

Complete Mei Tai Inside.

Totally loving this already. I wasn't sure how Monkey would do being "worn"as he hasn't fit in the sling my mom made for me in quite some time. However, he did great! He actually really enjoyed himself "dancing" with mommy while I did some dishes. We put on some loud crazy up beat music and I bounced slightly while I washed the dishes and he wiggled around with me :)  Looking to maybe eventually put these up on my Etsy shop as well. :) 
(still unsure as to when my launch date will be but trust me I will let you all know!)

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