Saturday, January 25, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 19: Help!

Help! I'm sinking and I can't find my way out!

Ever feel like that?
I think we all have times when we wish we had a maid or could hire help.
I recently read something in a book I think is really great so I'm going to share it with you.

“I remember when it hit me that the Proverbs 31 woman had maids working for her. I thought, ‘How unfair it is that she had maids and I have to do all this work on my own (pout, pout).’ 
Then the Lord opened my eyes. He helped me realize how many maids I actually had! There was the washing machine and dryer, the vacuum cleaner, the dish washer, the microwave, the slow cooker, the oven, the toaster, the coffee pot and my favorite — the bread machine. When I stopped to think about it, all my appliances were performing services just like the maids of the Proverbs 31 woman. How convicting. No more pouting for me!” –Blair Massey, Christian Homemaking

I don't know about you but I am so thankful the appliances I have 
that do the work for me so I am able to tend to other things at the same time.
But sometimes that doesn't feel like quite enough.

Sometimes we need help.
As a teenager I babysat for a family who became like family to me.
In fact, anytime the mom tries to explain who I am to someone she simply calls me
"Jessica THE Babysitter." I adore her and the kids.
On several occasions she would call me saying
"Jessica! I need you to come help me get my life in order!"

This always meant she had several big projects she knew needed to be done in a short amount of time and more hands meant less work.
Filing anything and everything, Scrubbing cabinets, Hulling out the garage, Painting bedrooms, and any other odd jobs she could come up with. 
You name it I helped her do it.

But this taught me a huge lesson...
We can't always do everything ourselves.
Sometimes we need to ask for help.
And you know what? It's ok.
It's ok to ask for help.

Maybe you can't hire a maid to come in but maybe you could hire a "mother's helper."
Is a young girl in your church you could exchange something with?
I love to crochet. 
I would gladly sit and teach someone to crochet, 
giving them yarn and a hook to keep in exchange for a few hours of her time with help.

What about a friend? 
I've told you a bit about the time my friend Melissa helped me get my life in order. 
Maybe you can exchange help of some kind with a friend.
If you need help be willing to admit it and find a way to get the help you need.
I can honestly say a true friend will love you through the mess and gladly help you find your way out of it.

Get creative.

Today clean out under all of the beds in your home.
For some of you this is going to be a daunting task but I know you can do it!
Change all of the bed linens. 
There is just something about a freshly made bed that makes you sleep better.
Wash all mirrors in the house.
And wipe out the sinks. 

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