Monday, January 27, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 21: Clean Enough

What makes your home feel clean to you?
Is it fresh carpet lines from vacuuming?
Is it crumb free counters and floors?
Is it a freshly scrubbed toilet, a shining sink, 
or is it something else entirely?

When you walk through your house what bothers you the most?
What is it that makes you look at the room and smile that it's clean?

I'm not talking about having a house that is ready to be photographed 
for Better Homes and Gardens but simply 
a house that makes you feel good and ready to welcome other into.

Clean enough for me is having my dishes done.
I could care less if they are put away as long as they are clean.
It's having the table free of clutter and washed.
Having my desk/office space free of clutter and ready for me to write or create.
It's having the floors swept and toys put away at the end of the night.
The blankets folded neatly on the couch.

For me an unrealistic goal would be to have perfectly clean streak free windows.
I have two little boys who love to look out the windows. 
This means hands and faces end up pressed up against the screen. 
And honestly I really don't care that they have little hand prints all over them.

Clean enough means having realistic expectations.
Clean enough means I can relax and enjoy the people around me.

Clean enough is NOT outrageous ideals.
Clean enough is NOT scrubbing every nook and cranny.
Clean enough is NOT judging my home by someone else's home.

So what does clean enough look like for you?
Keep this completely realistic.
Write it out.
Take some time to walk through your house and decide what needs 
to be done on a daily basis to keep you from feeling defeated.
Also ask the members of your family, namely your spouse, 
what feels clean enough for them.

Do your clean enough tasks first today.
Anything else you can accomplish is a bonus.
If all you are able to get to today are your clean enough tasks 
then call that good enough for today.
Also try to do or have most of them completed before bed 
so when you get up tomorrow you already feel ahead of the game.
Try to spend a little time decluttering one area of your home.
Again it doesn't have to be perfect and don't take on more that what is realistic.

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