Friday, January 10, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 4: Overwhelmed.

Every dish is dirty, husband has no clean work clothes, there are a million toys everywhere, that a table under there?

Can you relate?
Have you ever felt like that?
Maybe you just moved and you're still unpacking.
Maybe you just had a new baby.
Maybe you just had the sickies go through your house.
Regardless of the situation you're feeling buried and overwhelmed.

Oh friend I have been there and done all of that!

When I'm overwhelmed I have a really hard time starting.
The biggest challenge to cleaning tends to be getting started.
If I'm overwhelmed I can find anything and everything else to do and work on possible just to avoid starting the task that is overwhelming me.
But once you actually start it tends to not be as difficult as you thought it would be!

Start your day off right.

Tidy up your bedroom.
Take out trash, dirty clothes, and anything that doesn't belong.

Do any and all dishes and wipe down the sink.
Clean off the table and wash it.
Sweep around the table.

Doesn't that already feel so much better?

Starting the day off right sets you up for success.
Try getting in the habit of these things.
I've found these things make a huge difference as to how I feel about my home.
These fairly simple tasks change the whole course of my day.

If I've gotten these things done I feel ready to take on those bigger projects as well.
So try that today. Start there. See where it takes you.
Do it again tomorrow.
Do it again the day after that.
You never know what the day may bring and what all you can accomplish.

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