Monday, January 13, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 7: Seasons

Life is constantly changing.
We go through seasons in which we have to change and adapt.
What we have been doing no longer cuts it.

Think about it for a minute.
If you have kids that are in school you have some sort of set routine and schedule to most everything.
You get up at a certain time, go to school or work at a certain time, get home at a certain time, dinner times and bed times.
But then summer comes and they're home from school.
It's a new season and you have to find your new normal for that period of time.

Or maybe your family is growing and changing.
I know when we went from having one child to two littles life changed.
While yes, this would be a new normal of two children, this was still a season.
One day the baby would no longer wake 3 times a night for feedings.
The frequent short naps would change to fewer yet longer naps.

Any change or disturbance to your routine 
or schedule that is temporary is a season.
This is a season.
It's ok.
Give yourself grace.
And figure out what it is you have to 
do to make this season manageable.

Find a routine and a schedule that you can stick to and that works for you.
I'm not saying plan out every second of every day because really that isn't very feasible but rather have something that you do the same day or by a certain time.

For instance I try to have the upstairs tidy before coming down for the day.
The dishes all done before it's time to prep lunch.
We tidy up the toys before lunch lunch and dinner.
All toys are put away before nap and bed times.
End of the day the table gets wiped down and crumbs swept up.
These are all time associated tasks.

Then I also have a daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning task sheet that Melissa helped me work up to do a little every day to maintain my home.
Here is what my task list looks like:

Find a system that works for you.
Maybe you want to try and get certain things done every day by about 
a certain time or maybe you need daily tasks, or even use some of both like I do. 
Just take some time to find what works best for you. 
Now my list that you see above was created when I was still babysitting so as we've worked to find our new normal changed and adapted this a little to find what will best for me now.

Today's challenge:
If you didn't get yesterday's project finished quite yet, go ahead and work on that.
If you did get it done either find another unfinished project or give a little love to an area that is lacking some luster.

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