Sunday, January 19, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 13: Planning For The Week Ahead.

I fully believe that Sundays should be a day of rest, a day for family, 
a day to be spent in corporate worship, and a day for doing something fun.

Sundays are also the first day of our week.
A chance to look ahead and plan for the days to come.

Every minute invested in planning will save you ten minutes down the road.

Use Sunday afternoons to spend even just 30 minutes 
looking ahead to the up coming week. 
I recommend sitting down with your family
if possible to map out everyone's week together.
If nothing else at least check in with everyone as to 
what things they have on their plate this week.
Pull out your calendar and look over who has 
what for activities or appointments.

Plan your meals for the week. 
Spending some time planning your meals will save you money 
by not going through drive-thru because you don't know what 
to make and in the grocery store as you'll know exactly 
what you do need to buy for the week. 

Make a to-do list.
Try to set this by top priority.
Then this week work down the list item by item 
from the highest priory to the lowest.

If one of the to-do items on your list is a big thing that 
requires lots of little steps map out what you need to do.
Spending that time planning from start to finish will save 
you tons of time in between.

Today spend most of your time with your family.
Doing things you love.
Things that are relaxing.
Heck take a nap! It is a day of rest after all!
Then plan some time to look at the up coming week.
Plan it out.
Do a quick tidy before bed and call it a day.

We'll pick the rest up on Monday my friends.

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