Wednesday, January 8, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 2: A place of life.

Yesterday we talked about why we want clean homes.
You spent time writing out why it is important to you.
You spent time thinking and dreaming of a life freer, simpler, and relaxed.
Isn't the thought of the place you want to be so exciting?!
I find it encourages me to push through the hard days.

Let me ask you something.
How do you feel about your home right now?
When you get up in the morning how do you feel?
What is your first thought?
Do you wake up feeling rested and ready to take on the day?

Our homes give life.
We give life to our homes.
We were created to give life to those around us.
We, as wives and mothers, set the tone for our homes.

When our homes are over full, over run, disorganized, and dirty they make us feel  
run down, overwhelmed, and empty. They leave our families feeling frustrated.
Our kids and our spouses feed off the energy and the mood we exude.

What area of your home sucks the life out of you?
What space makes you feel overwhelmed?

I have to tell you all something, I've been there.
My entire house was out of control.
I was in a place of being so overwhelmed with how disorganized
my house was that I didn't have a clue where to begin. 
I had a conversation about this with my sweet friend Melissa.
After talking for a while we put some plans to action.

I almost wish I had some before and after pictures for you all.
And I say almost because my friends, it was bad. It was so bad.
My husband's and my bedroom was far from being a place of rest.
It was insanity. And I don't ever want to see it that way again.

Without judgement and without condemning my friend lovingly helped me begin.
In less than 24 hours I could feel life coming into my home.
Our bedroom became a place of rest.
My kids bedroom became more restful.
Our house began to be more of a home.

As embarrassing and humbling as it was I am so thankful for the grace she showed me.
I'm not where I want to be, but I'm not where I use to be.
I don't run to close my bedroom door now when someone comes over to visit.
I don't wake up in the morning, look at my room, and start the day feeling defeated.

What area of your home has you feeling defeated today? 
What spot in your home do you look at and immediately
your shoulders drop leaving you feeling like a deflated balloon?

That's your task today!
Take it on. Don't let it defeat you any longer! 

.:You Can Do It!:.

Go turn on some uplifting music. 
Light a candle. and start.
Grab a bag to throw trash into.
Make a pile of things you don't need, want, use, or don't love anymore
to go to the donation station you set up yesterday.
Make piles of things that need to be put away in other places.
When that spot is looking pretty good and starting to bring life back into you,
go take care of the piles. Put those items completely away.
This is the last time you should touch them today.
(Well unless you need to use them of course.)
Don't continue to shuffle them around.
Find those useful things a home.
Take a before and after picture and share it with me!
I'm cheering you on!

If this looks and feels overwhelming to you its ok!
Grab your garbage bag first and fill it.
Get all of the trash out first.
Then start sorting from there.
It gets easier from there!
Just keep going.

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