Thursday, June 30, 2011

Projects, Plans, and Procrastination.

I currently have 2  make that 3 Mei Tai Projects going on! YAY!
These are my first 3 paid orders for Mei Tais and I am beyond excited! My first two orders are for two wonderful moms in my church. The first has a little girl who is around 7 weeks old and the second has a boy who is around 14 months. They've seen me carry Monkey around in the mei tai I made for us back a month or so ago and asked where they could go buy one. The third is a surprise so I am not saying who it is for. :) I can't begin to tell you all how excited this really makes me to have real official orders for these already as they will eventually be going up on my etsy shop when I get it up and going!

Over the last week Dowe and I have had some really good and very important conversations with each other. We actually had probably one of the best pillow talk times ever a couple of nights ago. It was a topic that could have been really difficult to talk about but it was a sweet time together. The three of us snuggled and hugged and kissed as Dowe and I talked. Monkey was in bed with us as he was all out of sorts with the major thunder and lightening storm we had that knocked our power out. As I've mentioned before we have been doing the FPU classes and though we aren't beyond hope in debt we also don't want to be in our 60's and still paying off debts from our early 20's. If you know anything about Dave Ramsey you know he talks about having "Gazelle Intensity" when it comes to getting out of debt. Dowe and I are currently praying about what that means for our family.  I covet your prayers that we do what God shows us in this area.

Our currently plans with this is giving me a more definitive Work time. This will mean that Mommy goes into the office (which is slightly secluded from the rest of the house) and I will be putting in a good 2 hours each morning while Dowe and Monkey get MAN TIME! I am so thankful that with us being on a better schedule this should make that transition easier. 

Procrastination.... I'm getting really honest with you here so don't judge ok?
My house is a really...I mean it...its a mess.... see?....
Living room exploded with Monkey's Toys 
and you can't see all of the unfolded laundry on the couch.

There is a toy box under that pile there...a bookshelf next to that...and a dining room table somewhere in there. counter?...Where art thou?

Dishes Dishes EVERYWHERE!!!

Sigh...I told you...a mess!
I have been quite overwhelmed with how bad its been that I didn't even know WHERE to begin! Quite honestly...I haven't even had any sort of motivation to even try to begin to start.
I have been procrastinating horribly when it comes to all of this. *sigh* 

Not anymore!

Well...Yesterday I started. And though I have a long ways to go....I started.

Monkey's toys are picked up, all of the laundry is folded and put away 

I can see counter top!!!! And the dishes to the far right are clean.
And have been put away since I took this picture.

I had a VERY good and productive day (even with a cranky Monkey).
Dowe was blow away when he came home as to how much I got done around the house and I even spent a good amount of time sewing tonight! YAY! Straps are all sewn for mei tai order number one. :) Oh And I even spent time with Kay last night :) She came over for dinner and just to spend time together as we didn't have our small group Bible study.


  1. YAY for the little things in life: pillow talk, Dave Ramsey (yes, you dave!), kitchen counters, and the WONDERFUL meal you made for us to consume while we had together!!! Got any leftovers, hehe ;-)

  2. haha! Yes...there were a few leftovers which were consumed by my mom, Monkey, and yours truly the next day! I had to FORCE Dowe to STAY OUT! (Dairy free diet for him...I'll post on that more another day.)

    Thanks for the sweet time together!

  3. yay for a productive day! We always seem to be chaos around here. With three boys it seems like that is all I ever do it pick up. I have to keep reminding myself that someday the mess will be cleaned up, but they are only little for so long

  4. Sometimes I take two steps forward, and three back! I know what you mean, and I spoke with another Mom who explained is the best. She said that some days it's between cleaning and playing with her kids....and playing wins. There will be time for cleaning later!