Saturday, July 9, 2011

Grumpy Monkey? Check for Teeth!

So on Thursday Monkey was beyond cranky! He didn't want anything to do with anyone or anything.
He was being very naughty and I just felt like all I did all day long was discipline him! ugh!

Finally at around 7pm I decided I couldn't handle being in doors with him any longer!
So off for a walk we went. We walked for around 2 hours and walked several miles.
(my guess would be close to 5 miles.) With a few stops here and there.
Monkey being the silly boy that he is started doing a new trick on our walk.....
He now puts his hands up in the air, shakes his head back and forth, and screams!
I call it his roller coaster. ( know exactly what I mean!) It's super funny and silly and made all sorts of random strangers bust up laughing as we walked.

We finally got home, gave him a bath, and got him in to bed around 10pm.
(Did I mention that we hadn't nursed in 24 hours by this point?)
Once he was in bed I rushed around the house to get myself ready, clean some of the house, and make a special date-night-at-home dinner for the hubs and I to enjoy.

Friday my mom and dad came over for work. (I work for my parent's construction business. I run their books.) And at one point in time for some reason Monkey was on my lap and doing something silly as per usual. THERE IT WAS!!! A New TOOTH!  This momma had an AH-HA! Moment  as I finally realized what his deal was the day before, why he had a HORRIBLE diaper rash, and just was all around not himself!
My baby has a new tooth. :) He is now 13 months old and has 7 teeth. Time is just going by all too quickly.

I love you baby Monkey!

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