Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Puj Nubs Review

A while back I was given the opportunity to test out the Puj Nubs.

I’m a huge fan of the Puj Company and have had the opportunity to test out several of their products including the Flyte and the Hug. Puj makes innovative, kid friendly products that are also practical and helpful for parents.

The Puj nubs come in two different color packs.
Cyan, Magenta, and Yellow Or White, Grey, and Yellow.
They’re made from a soft, slightly flexible material which makes them very kid friendly and the texture of them keeps things on the hooks even though they are a straight peg.

The nubs work on lots of different surfaces. They recommend hard smooth surfaces like glass, tiles, porcelain, and even shower walls. They can be used in wet or dry environments which make them great for tons of things! Simply peel and stick and wait 12-24 hours to cure and use for anything you can come up with up to 3lbs!

The house we live in is one that we rent so I didn’t want to put the nubs somewhere I might never be able to remove them from or damage the surface. They are removable but most of our surfaces are the few places they don’t recommend putting them on. We have wood paneling or drywall throughout the whole house. I didn’t have a great spot on my fridge to put them and I wasn’t sure how much use they would get being in our shower.
I had thought about placing one on the back of our highchair for bibs but it didn’t hold as many as I wanted to put there, and certain small people who shall remain anonymous enjoyed pulling all of the bibs off every chance he got. 

Then I had an idea!

I have posted about my laundry systems and how much I dislike laundry. Part of it has been that I don’t love my laundry room. While it’s a great space and has some great potential, it just wasn’t working for me. I knew I wanted some beautiful artwork in the laundry room and I needed some way to keep the diaper stuff better organized. My husband had this shelf he’s had for years that his mom gave to him but it didn’t have any way to hang it up. I asked his permission to paint the shelf and hang it up as well as put the nubs on it. He was really happy to hear that I was going to find a way to use his self in our home that has been sitting for 5+ years.

I looked at color combinations on Pinterest (ahhh I love pinterest!) and since I 
already had the white, grey, and yellow nubs, I looked to see what other 
pinners had put with those colors.
Teal. Teal. Teal.
We went to Walmart and bought some paint.
I decided I wanted the top portion of the shelf to be grey and the underside to be teal with the white, grey, and yellow nubs on the teal.
Eeyore’s rain cloud and Sully’s fur were the color winners. <- It's ok to admit it, these are cutest paint color names ever.

After the shelf was all painted and had 24+ hours to fully dry, I peeled and stuck my nubs down. I let them sit for 12+ hours to cure and fully adhere before using. I now have a pretty space in my laundry room that is organized and functional.

Print from NaptimeDiaries, bin with Cloth WipesSilky bottoms powder, normally there is also Clear bottoms cream, bin full of the items the kids I babysit need/use. I use the nubs to hang my kid's tees/onesies on while folding laundry and I keep a laundry bag hanging with lost socks inside.

There are so many great ways these could be used. You can check out Instagram for even more ideas. This is one of my favorite ways a momma used the nubs with the kiddos.

Also they work perfectly with the Puj Hug and Puj Flyte. The Flyte tub has a smaller hole so it doesn’t fit on the hanger I have on the back of my door. So this is perfect.

Overall I think the Puj Nubs are a wonderful multipurpose item.
They've really helped me keep things more organized in my laundry room.
You can buy nubs and other Puj items on amazon.
How would you use the puj nubs?

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