Friday, February 7, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 30: 7 Organization Tips

Let's talk organization for a little bit here.

These are all pretty simple. It takes just a few extra minutes to do these things right away instead of the time it takes later to do all of these things. Let's talk about it for just a minute.

1. Putting the item completely away when you're done using it. It seems like a lot of times items almost make it back to where the belong but not completely. If items are not put away and more and more slowly get stacked up and added on it takes a lot more time to put everything away later.

2. Clothes are quick to get piled up. As women we like to try things on and decide what we're actually going to wear. Take a few seconds to just hang them up and put them back right then. It also saves you from wondering if the items are clean or dirty and the time washing clean clothes.

3. Salvation army will be your best friend. Or if it's worth selling then take a few minutes to take a few pictures and post them online. Give it a deadline that if they don't sell to then donate.

4. Ok so you tried it on and decided you don't like how it fits (or rather doesn't) donate or sell the item. (You are exempt from this if you are pregnant or just had a baby. Give yourself some time and grace to see where your body will be post baby.

5. Expired medications, salad dressings, and cleaning products. If it's expired GET RID OF IT. There are expiration dates on there for a reason. Don't hold onto it because you feel guilty that it's past the date. You're not going to use it so just let it go.

6. Toss the junk! Really. I'm totally guilty of doing this at times. Something that is just plain junk somehow doesn't end up actually find it's way in the garbage. Again, don't feel guilty about letting junk go. Just let it go and feel the weight lifted off you.

7. If there is something you want to do or plan to do take a moment to write it down.
You're more likely to complete the task if you write it down. This also goes for plans with friends and family or other commitments you have. Being able to just look at a calendar or a to do list for one is less daunting feeling than trying to remember everything all the time.

Now just because you organize something once doesn't mean you'll never have to organize it again. Sometimes you outgrow the system you've been using or you just find a better way of doing it. And guess what, that's ok!

I have organized and reorganized our laundry room shelf a few more times than I would like to admit. And honestly it's in the process of being reorganized to better suit my needs.

I love using little boxes, tins, fabric bins, and plastic bins around my house to organize.
You can find some really cute ones at the dollar store and not only do they help keep things organized they also look beautiful and classy in a space.

If you're cheap frugal like I am you try to find and use items you already have around your house to organize. 

I have a paper covered oatmeal container to store toilet paper in.
Fabric covered tin cans from beans to keep pens stored in.
And even tin cans from tuna to hold paper clips and other small odds and ends.
I love the way that blogger Jen from used the bottom of cereal boxes to organize her office drawer.

Honestly I know I have a ton of organizing to do around my home.
I have created a cleaning caddy to keep all of my mixed up cleaning supplies in. It makes it easier to take all of them with me as I clean the house instead of wasting time walking back and forth to get the item I need. I highly recommend if you don't have a cleaning caddy, get one or make one!

I have a whole pinterest board you can check out for other tips and ideas on organization.

Today's challenge is to find a way to use something you already have to better serve you in your home. Use it to organize something in your home better. Figure out what you need for a cleaning caddy or if you have something already that would work well for it.

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