Tuesday, February 4, 2014

31 Days to a Cleaner Home-Day 27: Cleaning with Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol.
A medicine cabinet staple.
The main ingredient in hand sanitizer.

It has tons of great uses! Here are my top 10 favorite uses.

1) Permanent Marker. 
It's a pretty great at removing permanent marker from walls and other things that the kids think they should draw on.

2) Dry Erase Boards.
Ya know when you've left dry erase marker on a dry erase board too long? The dry erase maker that decides it should be permanent. Then you think oh man I have to go buy some special stuff to remove it. Nope! Just use some rubbing alcohol.

3) Hairspray.
Ever missed and got your mirror? Well you can just use rubbing alcohol to remove it.
Rubbing alcohol is a great degreaser so it'll work on tons of stuff.

4) Clean your phone.
And electronics. Actually this should be number 1.
But seriously. Use some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth to wipe down your phone.
It'll remove the icky grime buildup as well as disinfect it. Also you can use it on the remote, computer keyboard, and other electronics that need to be cleaned. It dries super fast and disinfects those really super dirty items.  Just don't drench it.

5) Shapeable Ice Pack!
1 part rubbing alcohol to 3 parts water in a ziplock bag.
The rubbing alcohol keeps the water from freezing completely. So it makes a slushy type ice pack which is perfect for molding to whatever area of the body you need iced. Plus it's cheep! 

6) Clean and Shine!
Clean chrome, stainless steel, and anything else you can think of.
It's perfect for removing fingerprints and water spots from stainless steel and chrome and leave it shiny and clean. It'll even help remove the grease off the top of the stove.
It dries streak free. Perfect! 

7) Keep Windshields from icing up.
It's winter. It's cold. And seriously guys I'm short. I have a really difficult time reaching the middle of the windshield and scrapping off ice. Fill a spray bottle with some rubbing alcohol and spritz it down a little. It keeps the snow and stuff from freezing to your windshield. Ohhh yeahh!

8) Clean your sponges and cleaning cloths.
Simply soak your sponges and or cleaning cloth with rubbing alcohol in a small bowl.
Just enough to saturate the item. Let it sit for 10 minutes then rise it off.
You can also do a quick spritz of your other cleaning tools before using them.

9) Remove Ink.
Get some ink on your favorite shirt? Just soak the spot with rubbing alcohol for a few minutes then blog the stain up with a clean paper towel. Wash the item however the garment's tag instructions say. If you need to go ahead and repeat it.

10) Microfiber furniture stains.
Microfiber furniture stains are a pain in the butt! Not anymore!
Just spray some rubbing alcohol over the stain, wipe with a clean white cloth (Don't use something dark on a light item...you could transfer colors.) and let it dry.
The rubbing alcohol doesn't penetrate the fabric and it evaporates quickly so it's perfect for going after stains. You don't want to use water as that will actually stain the microfiber. And if the microfiber is feeling a little matted just use a soft bristle brush in a circular motion. 

Just remember Rubbing alcohol is flammable so don't use it near fire.
Once the area is fully dry its no big deal but don't spray an open flame people. I will not be liable for that.

Also I know this is pretty stinky stuff. It totally bothers me. Just use it in a well vented area and remember it dissipates quickly, it won't stink for forever. If it really bothers you, you can always add in some essential oils to help with the smell.   

Today go clean some stuff using rubbing alcohol.
Make your sink shine.
Wipe down your finger print covered stainless steel fridge.
Prepare your windshield for the gross winter storm that is probably coming up.
You can do it! 

Tidy up any areas of your home that look messy.
Maybe you have a cluttered spot that is driving you crazy.
Tackle it. Sort everything. Find homes for items. Get rid of unnecessary things.
It's amazing how freeing it is to have your house be clutter free.

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