Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I'm still alive....

Hey everyone,

Sorry I haven’t posted lately. 
In fact I have done a terrible job at posting my Thirty days of thankful.
I’m hoping to catch these up in the next couple of days.
I have had two very cranky teething boys and a very busy last couple of weeks with family.

With all that being said unfortunately the blog got a little neglected.
I’m currently working on a product review which should be up soon.
Please keep an eye out for it.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 8

I'm really thankful for quiet evenings. Those moments between when the kids go to bed and the time my hubby gets home. Time to unwind and center myself again after giving the kids and house my attention so that when my husband arrives home I can give him my attention. It's amazing what an hour or two being alone in the quiet can really do for you. So that's what I'm thankful for today. A few solitary moments before my husband gets home and the two of us spend the night together watching a movie before bed. Avengers...Here we come! ;)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Sound of Revival: A guest post from my husband.

I prayed. I prayed hard. I prayed often. Before I went out and voted yesterday I prayed to my God, I prayed without ceasing yesterday. I did not pray that Romney would win. I did not pray that Obama would lose. I prayed hard and honestly to my Lord that the right man for the job would win the election. I prayed for God's chosen man to lead this country. I really hope that most of you did the same thing. I went out. I voted. I gave it to God. I did my part.

I know a lot of people are sick of political rants and hearing of anything political; and quite frankly I fall into that category too. However, with that being said, I have a very heavy heart this morning. I sat down in pure silence this morning with my Bible app loaded on my phone. Just me, my God, and my Bible. God opened my eyes. He opened my eyes and now I have a heavy heart. Not so much with the election results as it is a heavy heart to how my friends have responded to the outcome of the election.

Did you vote? Did you pray? Then what do you have to worry about? Are you questioning God? Shame on you.

With most of my friends on facebook claiming to be follower of Jesus, I am very disappointed in how most of you responded to our Leader for the next 4 years. I am not just saying all the people who are mad about Romney losing. I am also talking to those who are Obama supporters. I don't think we have responded to God's chosen man correctly. I have seen some very explicit posts to "Oh God have mercy on our Country". So what you are saying is that if Romney would have won, we wouldn't need God's mercy? and then there are those that voted for Obama what are in your face cocky about it. They are both terrible responses.

Here is a secret for you guys; God kind of knows what He's doing. God has been in this business for a very long time. God always has a plan. God is never surprised. I am not going to sit here and pound you with Scripture verses. The average American has 3-4 Bibles, so why don't you go over to that shelf, nightstand, table or wherever your Bible may be "sleeping", blow one of them off, and do some of your own studying.

Open your eyes America, clearly your President is not a man of God. "Lucky" for us God has a history of using men just like him. I have full peace about President Barack Obama being our Leader for the next 4 years. I have total faith in God.

I have some news for you guys. Our job isn't over yet. We can still make a difference. We may not be over-joyed with some or all of the political figures in our lives, but we cannot let that stop us from doing our job. If we want "Change" it does not start in "The House" it starts in our house. If we want to lower our debt in this country, why not start with those credit cards you have? We need American restoration... an American Revival. This does not come from 1 man sitting in our Nations capital. If your hope is in 1 earthly man, you have no hope at all. Open your bible, pray hard, teach your kids biblical morals. Quit pointing fingers and blaming everyone else, do something about it. Change isn't going to happen with you sitting on the couch and crying over the results of an earthly political election. This is the hand we were dealt, we have to play with it. The good news is that these cards are handpicked by our Creator.

There is still hope. Keep praying. Quit worrying. Do Something About it...

Remember... God is not Dead...

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 7

Hey everyone....I have two sweet little boys who are on nap strike today which is usually when I get my Thirty Days of Thankful post done. And though I wish I could say I wrote up a bunch of posts ahead of time and have them just waiting to go live....I don't.  Soooo you’re going to get a quick thankful post from me and then a guest post from my better half. 

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 7

With the election now over and one side celebrating a victory and the other side mourning their loss I only have one thing to say.
I am thankful that I know no matter what God is in control.
I have peace in knowing that no matter what God is not shocked or surprised.
He is not rushing around in a panic trying to come up with a new plan.
He has the whole world in the palms of His hands.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 6

Today I am thankful for the right to vote.

I’m thankful that I have a say in the future of our Country.
We are so blessed to live in a country with so many freedoms.
I think a lot of times we take those for granted.
I have heard so many people complain about having to go and vote and what a “Chore” it is.

But the thing of it is….not everyone has that right.
There are so many other countries where the people who live there have no say in what takes place.There have been so many who have lost their lives for you and me to have the right to be able to vote.

So please take a moment today to go and vote.
Your vote does count and it’s important for the future of our kids that we go today and vote.

Also...Take some time to pray for the future of our country. 
Pray for the next President as well as the current one.
Pray for others in office and those that are running for office.
Prayer makes a difference.
Be the change you want to see.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 5

Sunday night my husband, kids, and I all went to our local Family Video to pick out a few movies. While we were there trying to decide what to rent there was a man who I would guess to be about 30 in an army uniform.

Now just recently my 2 year old has gotten into Star Wars, Superheroes, Army Men, and any movie/show/toys in which there is flying and shooting. And if you know my son at all you know he is not shy at all and says hi to everyone.

I could tell that this man in uniform had caught Monkey’s attention. My son just stood there looking at him trying to figure it out and I could tell he was hoping to be able to say hi to this soldier. My husband realizing that Monkey was no longer looking at the movies looked to see what had gotten his full attention.

My husband knelt down next to our son and told him “That’s a REAL army guy.”
Monkey’s expression started to change. I told him, “He’s a real life hero.”
His little eyes lit up and in his sweet little boy voice he very excitedly said “HI!!!”
The man turned to him and said “Hi Buddy.”
My son, who at this point was completely blown away that this real life army hero took notice of him and even said ‘hi’ back to him; turned to me with these great big eyes and exclaimed “Mommy!!!! He said ‘Hi’ to ME!!!!”

Now I have to confess at this point I had tears in my eyes.
Standing there watching my son in complete awe of a soldier.
My sweet little boy who has no idea that our county is currently at war, no idea that there are mommies and daddies who don’t get to see their kids every day because they’re on the other side of the world, no idea that our way of life is what that very man and so many others are defending as well as trying to give so many others a better life.

So today I am thankful for the brave men and women in uniform, both past and present, along with their families who have sacrificed so much for our country.
Thank you for fighting for us, our families, our freedom, for protecting us as well as those overseas.

So no matter what your position is on the war please, next time you see a man or woman in uniform, take a moment to stop and say thank you. And pray for them and their family.

Now for some pictures* of some real life heroes:
(all of whom I have had the honor and privileged of knowing them and/or their spouse personally)

*All pictures used with permission. I do not own the rights to the photographs in this post. Please respect those in the photographs and do not repost or use the photographs in any way without consent.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 4

Today I am thankful for a Sunday afternoon nap.
I have not been sleeping well lately at night and today it really caught up to me.
I got the baby down for his nap, and then I went to go lay in bed to do some stuff on the computer and honestly…I never even picked it up.

With my husband home I was able to get some much needed sleep.
He got our 2 year old Monkey down for a nap when he was actually ready to go down for a nap and I didn’t wake until Bug got up and needed to be fed.

I’m a better mom to my kids when I’m rested.
I’m a better wife to my husband when I’m not exhausted.
I’m a better friend and all around person when I’m not in a tired fog.

So today I am thankful for a Sunday Afternoon Nap. J

Go ahead! Link up what you're thankful for. 

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 3

Today this is what I'm thankful for....

Lots of family, good food, fun times, and lots of great conversations.
We drove the not quite 2 hours to Buffalo to spend some time with family.
We had a great day with so much family.
Such a big age range too! 
My Bug is 3 months today and Aunt M (Left middle picture) 86.

Don't forget to link up what you're thankful for!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 2

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 2
I’m thankful for these sweet little faces.

Bug and Monkey

I am so beyond blessed that I get to be their mommy.

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Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 1

So I know I’m slightly late in posting this blog but I’m a momma first and sometimes life happens. Bug has been restless and yesterday he didn’t nap….at all.
But I still wanted to get this posted.

In case you missed it we’re now in November! (Can you believe it?! Nope, me neither.)
I think November and Thanksgiving can tend to get over looked as it’s smashed between Halloween and Christmas. I mean today is November 2nd and when I went into our local Walmart this was all I saw:

We tend to get so caught up in getting ready for Christmas that sometimes we simply forget to be thankful for what we already have.
I mean where else can you spend a day with friends and family, eating a huge meal, being thankful for the things you have, and the very next day people are pushing and shoving trying to score that 40” plasma, new blue ray player, or computer?!

I have been blessed with so much more than I could ever deserve.
So I am going to take an entire month here on the blog to share with you what I am thankful for that day. Some days it may be something small and seemingly insignificant, other days it may be something huge. However, no matter how big or small I will take time that day to be thankful for that thing and share it with you.

I would love to encourage you to take time to do the same this month.
Grab out a notebook.
Fill it with 30 things you are thankful for and take a few moments each day to thank God for those things. If you blog feel free to link-up your post at the bottom of the page. I would love to get to see the things you're thankful for too.

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 1
As I already stated Bug didn’t nap at all and it made trying to get things done difficult. I am thankful for my sling that my mom made for us. She made it and gave it to me when Monkey was a baby but he never liked it. Bug on the other hand LOVES to be in the sling. The only time he slept yesterday was in the sling for about a half hour.

So what about you? What are you thankful for today?
Please feel free to leave a comment and or link up your blog post.