Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 7

Hey everyone....I have two sweet little boys who are on nap strike today which is usually when I get my Thirty Days of Thankful post done. And though I wish I could say I wrote up a bunch of posts ahead of time and have them just waiting to go live....I don't.  Soooo you’re going to get a quick thankful post from me and then a guest post from my better half. 

Thirty Days of Thankful: Day 7

With the election now over and one side celebrating a victory and the other side mourning their loss I only have one thing to say.
I am thankful that I know no matter what God is in control.
I have peace in knowing that no matter what God is not shocked or surprised.
He is not rushing around in a panic trying to come up with a new plan.
He has the whole world in the palms of His hands.

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