Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Six Thankful Things

Today I am thankful.

I am thankful for:

  1. Naps.
    My oldest woke up a couple of hours early still off from the time change. Both of my kids took naps at the same time today for over an hour and a half. PURE BLISS! My oldest rarely naps but he so needed one today. And he still went to bed on time and fell asleep at a reasonable time! (We'll see if I hate myself for this tomorrow.)
  2. Coffee.
    Today I woke up tired and feeling like I was running on fumes.
    Coffee not only gave me the boost I needed but made me sit quietly for a few minutes and regroup myself to better serve my children.
  3. Pow! Made it through the night!
    After the saga of the fish who committed suicide last night as I cleaned out the tank, I really was in no hurry to finish the tank last night. I left the favorite fish who's name is Pow! on the table, in a glass bowl, partly covered by a lid so he couldn't kill himself jump out. I had no idea if he would actually make it or not. But he did. My oldest was devastated when he learned only one fish remained but thankfully the favorite fish made it. As silly as it is, I'm praying he does well in his freshly cleaned home.
  4. Tomorrow is Wednesday.
    It's my day off and I need to finish catching up on stuff around the house that has gotten away from me. As well as write up a zillion blog posts. 
  5. My husband.
    His willingness to teach me new things, his worth ethics, the way he loves me, the messages he sends me when he's away just to make me smile, and the fierce way he loves his boys. 
  6. My boys and how I'm blessed to be a WAHM.
    Today I got to watch my sons interact and saw them make choices to love each other.
    After awaking from their naps (See Number 1) Bug wanted to crawl into big brother's bed and snuggle him. Bug ever so sweetly kissed sleeping big brother gently waking him. Later on I watched as Monkey gave up a toy he wanted and had been playing with, to his younger brother because he knew it would make Bug happy. Swoon.

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