Monday, November 4, 2013

Daylight Savings Nightmare.

I have never minded daylight savings time before.
This year however, is a very different story.

This year it's killer.
Bug (15mo) was a moody man all day.
The only thing he wanted and that would calm him down was if I would hold him, with his favorite fleece blanket, and sway back and forth. Now I haven't talked a whole lot about this yet but I have a problem with my pelvis.

I have a condition called symphysis pubis dysfunction or SPD for short.

Basically what happened was while I was pregnant for Bug I started having severe pain in my pubic bone. I knew I wasn't in labor and was positive that the baby was fine but I felt like I was being broken in half like a graham cracker. The cartilage that holds the pubic bones together and in place had been damaged at some point in time in my life and it was too weak to keep everything together.

I had to wear a special support belt while I was pregnant. I need a different one now to still give support. Sometimes my pelvis goes out of alignment and I have to be readjusted. And I have chronic pain. Not every day. But with the weather change and how cold it has been lately it has been most days.

So standing and swaying for long periods of time just wasn't going to cut it.
I tried sitting. He screamed and cried no matter what I did or tried.
He was just in a mood. All Day Long.

Me, well my body thinks that at 7:30pm I should be relaxed and my kids in bed for about an hour because really it thinks that it is 8:30pm.

Monkey did alright even though I could tell he was a little off too.
Mostly at "dinner time." He began asking me at 3:30pm to start helping me make dinner and when we were going to eat at 4:30pm.

Our bodies are off and we're all super tired.
Today is one of those days I wish we lived in a state that doesn't follow DST.

But more importantly, today I am thankful and grateful that I had the day off so we could just take it easy and a little more relaxed.

How about for you and your family? How did you all do with DST?

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