Saturday, November 2, 2013

It's a date

Every year my husband's work puts on a company dinner in the fall.
The food is always delish and we both look forward to the dinner. The music has gotten better over the last couple of years and is easier to dance to now than the first couple of years. Plus it's a good excuse for my hubby and I to get dressed up a little for each other and enjoy a guilt free evening out.
Hubby's parents are going to watch the kids for us tonight for a few hours and we'll go enjoy each other's company.

This year I do have to confess I'm a little nervous as my husband's boss' boss is going to be there.
I always put more pressure on myself than is really needed I'm sure but I have always wanted to conduct myself at the dinners in a manner that would never do anything to hurt my husband's reputation or jeopardize his job. Tonight should be fun though. And I'll be sure to post pictures tomorrow of me and the hubs. Have a wonderful Saturday!

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