Friday, October 28, 2011

I want to post an update on how I'm doing on my list of things to do before the start of the new year.
So here is an update on week 1 of 11. I am going to put a number at the start of each one that goes to the number on the original list so you can reference back easily :)

2)I finally just got the final tools I need to give the trunk the face lift it desperately needs. Minus the paint for all the metal portions of the trunk. Haven't quite found exactly what I want for it.
Its so beautiful as it is quite honestly but I just know that we will LOVE it that much more once its all redone.
I have been slowly working on it a little bit every so often to strip out the old paper that is lining the inside.

3) The mirror is all stripped, needs a light sand job and just needs to be painted! I may even work on that more tonight. Really excited that this is o close to being complete!

4) I have started this and have several things sorted out, gave a few things to my sister and am just waiting a little bit to take the clothes to the consignment shop.

5) Sent a card to a friend last week and have a few people in mind for upcoming cards :)

8) I am reading the book "Like Dandelion Dust" by Karen Kingsbury and I am on Chapter 10! Now I HAD started to read this book before the list but had put it down for quite sometime. I did just pick up from where I had left off from and still remembered everything that was going on so I am happy to say that I have a good start on this. There are 28 chapters to this book so this really shouldn't be a problem.

9) Well last week I cleaned the shower, today I started cleaning the washer, and have been making all around really good strides around the house.

6) I did exercise 3 times last week! I was hoping to do it even more than that last week but I am VERY happy to say I did do it the 3 times I put on my list to do.

10) I am so thankful for my son and the fact that I have every day opportunities to teach him new things, get down on the floor with him to play, and snuggle before bed while watching some of a movie. I know not all mommies get that privilege as they have to work to provide for their families.

1) This is probably the one I am most excited to say that I only missed one day last week. And quite honestly I had some really amazing and profound conversations with God over the last week. Its been very enjoyable. I've been trying hard for a long time to be consistent in this area of my life but haven't been. I think it was a matter of changing my mind set of it having to be the first thing I did in the morning to when ever I could do it even if it ended up being before I went to bed. I would still prefer it to be first thing in the morning as it puts me in a better place and makes the whole rest of the day go so much smoother just because I spent some time being alone and quiet with God. I'm not saying that things are then perfect that day, Sometimes they are down right the hardest days all week. I just am at a better place to handle them because I know I'm not handling life alone. Make sense?

13) This is the one thing on my list that is the most overwhelming for me as of right now. :(

oh well. I'm off to spend some time alone with God and enjoy a cup of coffee, then work, and maybe get the Mirror all sanded and ready for paint tonight! :)

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