Sunday, October 16, 2011

12 by 2012

So I was wandering around in the blogging world and came across someone's post about doing 12 things before 2012. I thought this sounded interesting and wanted to know some more about it and then realized that it was something someone was linking up to. So I went to the originator of the 12 by 2012. Danni over at  Oh, Hello Friend created this as a way to push herself to get a few things done before the start of a new year. (I'll let you check out her blog for the full rundown.) A few things that are just lingering. In checking out several of the others who have linked up it seems as though it is a lot of things people intended to do anyways but need the deadline to keep themselves from continuing to put them off. So thank you Danni for creating this challenge and making it a linky party so it'll help keep all of us accountable. Here's to everyone working to get 12 (or more...or less) things done before the start of the new year. And now I'm off to make a physical list so I can put it up somewhere so I can see it and be reminded to follow through on some of this... (like No.6...)

11 Weeks, 14 Items... I can do this!

  1. Spend real quality time alone with God at some point in time during the day, every day, even if it can't be first thing in the morning. 
  2. Give the beautiful trunk a major face life and get it in our room with the extra blankets inside.
  3. Give the mirror a face lift and hang it in our room 
  4. Clean out clothes I do not wear and take them to a consignment shop.
  5. Send a card to a different friend once a week. (11 Cards in total. 3 of 11 Done)
  6. Exercise at least Three times a week in my home. (5,10,15) 
  7. Make Home Made Bread Dough 3 Times. (giving me 9 loaves of bread.)
  8. Finish reading at least one book. 
  9. Make some major strides in the Chaos Cleaning Project. (Including scrubbing the shower, fridge, and washing machine.)
  10. Take more time to get down on the floor and play with my son. (not that I don't do this but I also need to make a more conscious effort to do this and take the time to just get right down on his level, not make him come up to mine.)
  11. Sit down with Hubby and revamp our budget and really stick to it so we can get out of debt together.
  12. Make realistic goals for starting the shop including short term and long term goals.
  13. Complete Two Mei Tais.
  14. Blog about each thing as I check it off my list. :)

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  1. This is a great idea! I'm inspired ;)