Friday, January 18, 2013

Not The Week I had In Mind.

This week was not at all what I had planned or wanted.
And by week I mean starting last Friday.

Here I had all of these plans like blogging, working, getting projects completed I’ve been putting off for far too long, spending quality one on one time with each of my kids, and cleaning around the house an decluttering…….
Some of that happened but not much and not at all the way I had planned.

Monkey, my oldest, just seemed a little off all day Friday.
For two straight days (Thursday and Friday) it was a fight to get him to eat much of anything.
Then he woke up at 1am Saturday with burning up with a fever of 101.9.
We gave him Children’s Advil to help bring down his temp and hopefully help him sleep better.
He tends to get fever nightmares that prevent him from getting hardly any good sleep.
Something both my husband and I suffered from as kids.

Saturday he just lay around and was so not his crazy little self.
Finally Sunday his fever broke but his appetite still wasn’t back to normal.

Then my husband went back to work and we had…
Monster Monday
Terrible Tuesday
Whiny Wednesday
Tired Thursday
and a Frantic Friday morning.

This morning my son had a dr's appointment and 
it ended up being poorly planned as I forgot my husband's work schedule got changed for today.
The doctor's office of course was running an hour or so behind and it was Friday to top it off so of course everyone is trying to get in before the weekend.

My husband ended up having to leave for work when my son was being seen so I figured we would just walk the half block to the local library and spend the 4 hours he would be at work there after we got something for lunch. Turns out the library was closed today! :(
So we were stuck in a town 20 minutes from where we live, too far from my husband's work place to walk on such a bitter cold day to get the car to go home, and no close friends in town to crash in on.

The sun was shining which was nice but any time the wind blew it was so bitter cold that it cut right through your coat and straight to your core. So we had lunch at subway (YUM!) and took our sweet time there, then walked to see if the library was open (before I knew it was closed obviously), ended up going inside of a church that was open to the public for something going on to get warmed up. Sat and talked to some people for a little while before walking over to a small store where we killed more time until my husband got out of work.

Thankfully the kids were great and it all ended up turning out alright but man this was not what I had in mind for my week! After all of that I am so looking forward to hopefully a very quiet weekend!

How was your week? 

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