Saturday, December 29, 2012

Halo SwaddleChange Product Review

     Diaper changes can be quite the challenge
Combine a messy diaper, wiggly screaming baby, two arms and two legs that always seem to make their way into the messy diaper, and a mom or dad with only two hands to contain all of the above can be a recipe for a disaster.

My mom always said "Moms should grow an extra set of arms for each child" and with how explosive my little guy’s diapers tend to be I totally agree with her.

Meet the Halo
® SwaddleChange. It’s like having an extra set of hands when changing baby. 

    I recently received the Swaddle Change in sage to test out with my little guy. My son has never liked having his arms swaddled tightly so I honestly wasn’t sure how well this product was going to go over with him.

My first impression with the Swaddle Change was how soft it was.
I honestly couldn’t believe how soft and snuggly it felt.
I then thought well if nothing else Bug will like the fact that his little bum no longer has to touch the cold vinyl of the changing pad.

It was so easy to slip on my changing pad and the slits for the safety belt were the right size, placement, and easy to slide the pieces through.

Then came time to test it out.

It took a couple of tries to figure out the best way to keep my little guy’s arms in as he likes to try to wiggle them out but I was very pleasantly surprised as to how helpful the Swaddle Change really was.

My 3.5 month old is a good 15lbs and is already a very squirmy boy.
He always manages to get his hands and feet in a messy diaper no matter how hard I try to keep them out of it. After having several wet diapers I knew he was getting ready to fill a diaper so this would be the real test.
Bug hates having a messy diaper which means a lot of kicking and screaming and crying until he’s cleaned up and I’m putting a fresh diaper on.

I laid him on the changing mat, swaddled his arms, and he stopped crying!
He lay completely still and was laughing as I changed him.
It honestly was the easiest diaper change we have ever had.
I thought maybe it was a fluke but a couple of days later the same thing happened.
My husband tried it and the same thing happened for him as well!
Our kicking, screaming, crying baby was completely soothed and happy to be swaddled while we changed him.

The Swaddle Change features two columns of Velcro that hook very nicely and easily to the loop side but will not hook to the velour that covers the mat. Just be careful as it will stick to baby’s fuzzy jamies or your sweater.
(Yep, I experienced both of those in the same diaper change.)

The SwaddleChange is also machine washable and mine still looked brand new after a couple of washes. We are big fans of the Swaddle Change here. It’s no wonder why it was awarded the PTPA (Parent Tested Parent Approved) Seal ofApproval.

You can find the SwaddleChange on and other select national retailers. It also comes in cream, pink, and blue and fits most contoured changing pads (17"x32" to 17"x34").

I honestly feel it’s worth every penny. It just makes the whole diaper changing process so much easier and less messy.
I wish I had this with my first child too and friends will be receiving these as baby shower gifts.

Be sure to check out Halo and all of their great products:,,


  1. How have I not heard about this sooner? My son instantly goes for his diaper area during changes. He has gotten so bad he has scratched himself several times. I might just have to pick one of these up.

  2. So glad this product helped you out so much! I think it's a very innovative product and will probably buy it for any future children I may have!
    Thanks for the great review.

  3. What a great idea! I would have never thought of using something like this but makes perfect sense! Thanks for sharing!

  4. I wish that I had head of these before! My second child was quite the squirmer and I gave up cloth diapering with pre-folds on him because he could never lay still! I suffered many pin pricks in the process.