Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Late night, Blessed morning.

Have you stayed up till 3 am lately?
I have.
Last night in fact.

You see I have this sweet little guy who we like to call Bug.
Bug kept me up last night.
For whatever reason he just wouldn't go to sleep.

This is what I posted on Facebook at 3 am:
"Its 3am and I'm a little bit (very) tired, but I'm not sleeping cause I'm rocking a sweet little guy. It's moments like these that I am so thankful for. Not so much the sleeplessness but the reason why the lack of sleep. I know this won't last forever.... in fact...it'll be gone all too soon."

So after being up a good part of the night
(I got to bed sometime close to 4)
I had a very blessed morning.

I was exhausted when both boys decided to be up for the day.
I asked my husband if he would mind getting up with the boys and give me just 15 more minutes.
However, instead of giving me 15 minutes he gave me close to an hour!
When he came in to wake me he brought me a nice hot cup of coffee. (In one of my favorite mugs no less.)

It's in the little every day moments like those that I get reminded of how blessed I am.
A simple moment where my husband shows me a little extra love and grace.
Something simple that has left a smile on my face all day.
(Even if it is 5:30pm and I still haven't gotten the chance to get a shower and am covered in baby puke. Just keepin' it real!)

So how about you?
Did someone bless your day?
Have you taken the time to bless someone else?
Leave me a comment, I would love to hear about it!!

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  1. oh, you filled my eyes with tears of sweetness. Husbands are God sent