Monday, August 15, 2011

That's it! In the morning I am off to buy some Lemons!!!

Back a few blog posts ago I told you all how I want to:

  • Take  better care of myself so I can take better care of my boys.
  • Look mad hot for my husband for our anniversary trip. This means being able to wear whatever Pre-Baby stuff I have that he would want to see me in for our little get away sometime this summer. (Possibly including a 2-Piece Swim Suit....GASP!)

Well I have been doing this on and off I guess. No where near as consistent as I want to be in taking care of myself. And I never did get around to doing much in the way of exercising other than the walks monkey and I take. Those count though right?...I get a good sweat on ;) haha. Anyways...not the point.

The point is that over the last few weeks I have noticed I have been overly tired, bloated, having issues with acne again (sorry TMI here), and just over all feeling blah!

Jami over at Call Me Blessed posted that she is doing a detox. I decided that is exactly what I need to do to get all of the toxins out of my system and get myself feeling better again!

I am not doing anything overly crazy or big but I am going to buy lemons!
My mom for a long time would drink a glass of hot lemon water first thing in the morning and I didn't quite understand why.  Until just before my wedding (Two years ago!) I realized I had randomly put on a few pounds out of nowhere and was feeling rather stressed out. My mom told me that it was probably just from all of the stress and so we did a Hot lemon water detox together for a couple of weeks before my wedding. It  was AMAZING. Within a couple of days I felt SO much better. 

Well here I am...2 years later...Getting ready and excited for the hubs and my first trip away without the baby. First time alone away from our home together since getting married!... And I feel yucky. :(
So for the next few days I am planning to do a Hot Lemon Water Detox and a Get Raw Diet. I will be attempting to eat only RAW fruits, Veggies, and Nuts for the next 3-4 days to get myself feeling over all better about me. :) 

Along with some MASSIVE amounts of Chaos Cleaning! 
I don't want to come home from the vacation feeling horrible about how the house looks. 
I don't want to waste the precious time I have alone with hubs worrying/thinking about how icky things look at home.
I want to just relax and enjoy my vacation time when it finally gets here. So I am off to go clean more tonight before Dowe gets home and get ready to go to my mom's tomorrow to help her get the house a little more "baby ready" as she is taking Monkey when we go. :)

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  1. Have a wonderful anniversary trip, my friend! So glad you guys are able to get away :)