Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hot Lemon Water Detox

What is a hot lemon water detox you ask?
Well...Its just that... Hot Lemon Water.

Want to do it for yourself?...

  • Take a 1/4 of a lemon and squeeze it into a NORMAL sized mug.
    (I say normal because my mom's and my favorite mugs hold more like 2.5 cups of coffee instead of the real one cup.)

  • Leave the slice of lemon in your mug and pour really hot water over it.
    I send my water through my coffee maker simply because its easier to pour it from there.

  • Let it all steep for roughly 30 seconds to a minute...or until its cooled down just enough to drink.
  • Drink the lemon water as hot as you can stand it....I'm not quite sure what it is about the temp but the hotter it is the better it seems to work.

How many times a day and what time of day?
My hubby is doing this once a day first thing in the morning before eating breakfast.
My mom does this in the evening just before bed.
I am doing this 3 times a day. First thing in the morning, once in the afternoon, and once in the evening.

Remember, I am only doing this for 4 days this intensely. I did it just before my wedding with my mom once a day in the evenings for around two weeks. The length of time is really up to you. Also the foods you choose to or not to eat while doing this detox is also up to you. I am trying to mostly do a raw foods detox with a little dairy and very very little meat. Before my wedding I didn't change anything about what I ate. That is all really up to you. :) Hope you enjoy!


  1. So I've been feeling really crappy lately and was already getting ready to start getting back on track with my diet, and I read your posts so when I went to the store today I bought lemons and I'm going to try this! :)