Thursday, August 18, 2011

Best Friend EVER!!!!

I seriously have the best friend ever.

sipping a coconut in Hawaii!

This is my Beautiful friend Kay . Kay and I haven't gotten to see each other this month as we haven't had group, she's had a wedding, I'm headed off on vacation...and...Life. Life has just been getting in the way.

We text as frequently as we can which usually ends up to be every other day. Yesterday we were texting and though I was having an alright day, I had a VERY crabby Monkey. Today Kay texted to see if Monkey was doing better and I honestly told her that though he wasn't as crabby, he was very whiney and intentionally naughty. (Can you say Hello Terrible Twos at 14months?!) I went on to tell her that "I really hate to say this but I so need this vacation!....I seriously feel like crying." Kay: "Hm....well I have an errand to run, what if I run that then come over and kidnap him for an hour or so and go on a walk...give you a little break."
I let her know that our good stroller wasn't here and all that I had was an umbrella stroller. After her telling me that she didn't care and that it would work fine, I balled.

I cried pretty much on and off until she got here to steal Monkey away and when we hugged I started to lose it again.   I have the best friend EVER!

Knowing I had roughly an hour I went to work on things around the house preparing for the up and coming vacation. I worked and texted Dowe telling him how thankful I was that Kay took Monkey but how guilty I was feeling at the same time. Pushing through it though I was able to get a lot done. Then I heard it....

Thunder!   Oh...No.... My dear sweet fried and son are out on a walk and there's a random storm coming in. I texted her to see if they needed me to go pick them up. Knowing I had her car keys and car here made it better knowing I could go pick them up if I needed to. She told me they were chilling out in her parent's van. They had walked to the park where her mom was playing music with a group of people.

Then she sent me this:
To which I just laughed.
They eventually arrived back at the house, safe and dry. Kay and I talked for a bit before she needed to head home and Monkey needed to go to bed. It was so nice getting to spend some time with her and to have a little break.

So tonight...don't forget to thank God for those dear sweet friends He has placed in your life.
People like Kay who God placed into my life right after Monkey was born.

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  1. You are such an incredible friend, that this was the least I could do. I honestly didn't have any plans that night (the errand was for mom), and I had to come up with some excuse to see you guys before you left, that didn't interfere with the prep work I knew you were going through! Monkey was soo incredibly good for me, and he loved watching the band members play their musical instruments! He kept reaching for my mom's trombone, and her friends trumpet! (I think he liked the shininess of the metal!)

    As for the rain storm...he didn't bat an eye! I loaded him into my aunts car first, then into moms van when it got unlocked, and he thought it was cool to be able to run up and down the center isle of the van! He would then scramble up the back bench seat, and attempt to look at the musical instruments in the "trunk" area. SO FUNNY!

    I too am thankful for you, my dear! God knew exactly what would happen when we went on that first initial walk!

    I LOVE YOU!!!