Saturday, August 3, 2013

A year gone by.

Dear Bug,

 Today you turn one, and I can not believe that a year has gone by.
It feels like just yesterday I was still pregnant, 6 days overdue, and anxiously awaiting your arrival.
I know when you wake up and I see your smiling face, I will think through everything we have gone through over the last year.
I have already been thinking through the events leading up to your very eventful birth.
I know that when I come back to here and now I will look at your sweet little face and realize you grew up over night, right before my eyes.

I love everything about you.
Your goofy smile when you're being silly.
Your genuine smile when you're happy and daddy is playing with you.
The way your face lights up when your brother walks into the room and says hi to you.
The way in which you love your brother so much and willingly kiss him every chance you get. (Even if you wont give me a kiss!)
I love the way you play with my necklaces and try to share the teething necklace with me.
The way in which you get so excited when it's bedtime and end up with the nighttime sillies and we laugh and play for an extra 30 minutes.
I love how you are my little shadow.
And with your piercing blue eyes you melt my heart every single day.

You have such a great personality already and it is so much fun to watch you learn new things every day.

There are still a lot of unknowns as to why you weren't growing properly but we're looking forward to your upcoming 1 year checkup to see just how much you have grown over the course of this last month.
I have gone through so many emotions with you over this last year.
From the moment you were born and I heard you get a Zero for part of your Apgar score I knew this would be a rollercoaster year.
We've had some lows but more than anything you bring so much joy into our lives and you make our family complete.

And I have to tell you more than anything I am so thankful to and for your daddy with how hard he works so I am able to stay home with you and your brother and watch you both grow.

I pray for you every single day my sweet boy.
I'm praying for the man you will become.
I'm praying that you will love God with all of your heart and follow Him wholeheartedly.
I pray that your daddy and I listen to God's promptings and raise you in a Godly manner.

I am so looking forward to spending your birthday the four of us and spoiling you a little bit.
Know that no matter what, no matter what mistakes you make, or the roads you take, I will always love you with every fiber of my being.

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