Friday, June 7, 2013

Where does the time go?

I was driving home after running a quick errand or two and I was listening to the radio.
This simple but profound statement hit me hard.

"The days are long, but the years are short."

I've been feeling run down, ragged, and frustrated.
Parenting is hard work.
It's the hardest job I'll ever love.
And the only one I will ever gladly do 24/7/365.

It was such a good reminder to hear that, though these days right here, right now are long and hard, my years are numbered with my kids.
I came home with a very different view of my sons and my husband.
I remained deep in thought all day long and made a very conscience effort to stay engaged and calm all day.

Then yesterday, just a day or two later after hearing that line on the radio, I saw how short the years really are.
I saw a couple of the boys I use to babysit when I was younger.
They didn't look like boys anymore.
They didn't smell like boys anymore.
They didn't sound like boys anymore!

The years are short.

I don't know as I have seen those boys since I got married.
The last time I know for certain I was at their house was May 2009 and I don't even think they were there.
The oldest has an 18 month count down till he can start driving and a 48 month count down till graduation
The youngest just had his 7th grade school orientation.

Boys I have known since they were 3 years old and 6 months old.
Boys I use to play Lego's and PlayStation with and swam in the pond with.
These little boys who would only eat broccoli the way momma fixed it. (And my broccoli, well, it wasn't the way momma did it.)
These little boys who I would help get ready for and get them put to bed... aren't so little anymore.

Their dad told of how when the oldest turned 8 he told his wife how he was halfway to driving.
He got smacked for that comment. ;)

And then I realized...
If those boys grew up that fast, how much faster are my own two going to grow up?!

Sure, the days are long right now.
But before I know it three more years will be gone.
My oldest will be 6 in three years. He'll be in school, probably playing T-Ball, and building with Lego's on his own.
My youngest will be almost 3. He'll want to do everything big brother is doing, along with all the normal 3 year old stuff.
These years are going by too fast.
I need to start embracing the long days a little more.

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