Wednesday, July 3, 2013

From the Stash anniversary sale AND an exclusive coupon!

I have some very exciting news for you all plus an exclusive coupon code!

As you all know I am very pro-cloth diapers.
Having personally started our family out on a tight budget; cloth diapering is what made it possible for us to have me be a stay at home mom.
1 in 3 families struggle to diaper their babies and we were the 1.

And while we started out with a very simple and inexpensive cloth diaper stash some families struggle to even do what we did.
Which is why I am such a big supporter of Cloth For A Cause.

From The Stash which offers quality used cloth diapers and more is celebrating their one year anniversary in an amazing way! $1 from EVERY sale in the month of July is being donated to Cloth For A Cause!

Now you might not think that $1 is going to make a huge difference but it really can. 
It could go towards getting new elastic to replace dead elastic in diapers, new snaps, or even shipping costs. I even found some Brand New Prefolds on From the Stash's website for $1.
So a dollar can go a lot farther than you might think.
I actually asked one of the lovely ladies from CFAC how does a dollar help and this was her response:

"Every dollar that is donated to CFAC goes to helping us get diapers out to needy families. Before a cloth diaper is loaned out, it's stripped and repaired. A dollar can buy us a spool of thread to help us replace elastics. It can go towards buying elastic and buying detergents to make sure that the diapers are free of contaminants and safe for use. It also allows us to set families up with a bit of detergent so that they can safely start using their diapers (and washing them) right away."

How awesome is that?! Every diaper that is sent out is completely ready to go directly onto baby! No washing and no prepping needed!

So up above you saw the Buy More Save More percentages, HOWEVER, I have an exclusive coupon for all of you! For being one of my readers you get 5% off your purchase with NO minimum! So spend $5 and still get 5% off AND $1 gets donated to CFAC! Everyone wins!!!

Come know it would make you happy to get some fluff for your own baby's bum AND help another momma put some fluff on her baby's bum too!  Just enter "THANKFULFORTHORNS" at the check out to get 5% off your purchase no matter how big or small it is!

I would love for you to comment if you use this code and let me know what you got!
Don't forget they don't JUST sell cloth diapers...there are also lots of other goodies on the website so go check it out!

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