Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blogging with a purpose.

So obviously there are a tons of great blogs out there.
And I have noticed the ones I enjoy following the most are the ones that have a goal.
A purpose to their blog.

They know and realize they have the potential to impact and influence others.
They try to be wise with their words and use their blog for good.
I'm not saying this means they never have a moment of pure silliness.
I'm also not trying to imply that they are perfect and they get to look at the world 100% of the time through rose colored glasses.

On the contrary, many of them have real, honest, raw moments with their readers.
They let their hearts, scars, and battle wounds show.
They tell you about their insecurities, worries, fears, hopes, and dreams.
However, they also gently remind us that this is not all there is.

So I want to blog with a purpose.
I want to be open and honest with you all
but I want to choose to give life and even in the painfully rough moments.
I'm not saying there wont be moments where I blog about an awesome giveaway going on or show you silly pictures of my kids because well lets be honest who doesn't love an awesome giveaway and my kids are my world. If I didn't share these things with you I wouldn't be being completely real. You know its true!

But I want to share with you things that I've been learning or ways in which God is changing me.
I want to let you in on this crazy and amazing life He's blessed me with and for you to do the same back to me.

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  1. I started my blog as a teenager for that reason, a chance to release some of my frustrations and be raw and honest. People who should not have read my blog started approaching my in person taking personally what I said when nothing was directed toward them. It ruined my safe place to release for a while and caused some strain in our relationship as the person had stepped over boundaries they were not suppose to. Things have improved, but as a teenager who was happy for a place to be 100% honest I felt suffocated and not sure where I could release my frustrations with society and personal struggles anymore