Thursday, April 28, 2011


Often times I have more thoughts running around in my head than I can handle. 
Last night was no different. (In fact I hardly slept because of it) As you all know we've been praying hard about my husband's job and last night we were given some news on it.  We are no longer waiting.

Though it is not exactly what WE wanted, we know God has it all in His hands and that He knows what is best for us.

As my Husband told me that we are no longer waiting for answers but was unable to tell me what the answers are for a bit I began to wonder and get antsy for what those answers would be. I called my hubby out on it telling him "You suck for telling me that much and making me wait but I love you and respect your decision to wait." He didn't want to have to give me any sort of news (good or bad) over a text message or over the phone. The only thing he would tell me was that it "wasn't exactly what we wanted."  

And then, Peace. 
I just felt this overwhelmingly sense of peace. 
And as I talked to my friend Kay about what my husband had said and that we are no longer waiting but still don't have answers it was ok. I was ok. 
I know that He knows our hearts and our desires. However, He also knows what is best for us. The God of the Universe loves us so much and wants better for us. More than we could ever dream or imagine. So tonight I have peace in knowing that His plans and will is better than the dreams we have for ourselves.

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