Tuesday, April 5, 2011


How is it possible that one single word can mean so much and cause so many different emotions and reactions? new, different, unknown, anger, hurt, excited, scared, thrilled....Change.

I think that a lot of the time the word "Change" is a scary one.
More often than not we think of change as being bad. Things being new and changing are scary and we don't know how to handle what we feel we have no control over.
But change can also be good, welcomed, and needed regardless of control.

My little family and I have been experiencing some changes as of lately:

Monkey (our 10 month old son) experiences change every day of his life as he grows and gets ready to walk. He learns things so fast and surprises me everyday! I know this may sound dumb or like I am making it up but my son says over 15 words! The latest word: "Ti-ter" that would be how he says Tigger. Tigger has become the new favorite and he HAS to have him to sleep at nap time and bed time. :) We also know this is what he is saying because Monkey will point at and say "Ti-ter."

Dowe's (my Husband) Job: Change with a prayer request attached to it.  Dowe's Boss "J" is leaving the Factory. Dowe is currently at the highest position he can be without being part of the management team. Until just a week ago this wasn't a possibility as there are only a handful of management positions and once they're full, people tend to stay there for years. 
So the prayer request is that my husband would get this position if this is God's will. We have been praying about his job situation for quite some time as he is our source of income. We weren't sure if he should be looking for another job or if we should just wait. Currently, we feel the answer is wait. We are really trying hard to be patient and not get TOO excited. But it is difficult just waiting knowing it could be a couple more months of waiting. The Praise in this though is that the Factory Manager told Dowe, when he went in to talk to him about the job, he had already been thought of and was already being considered for the job. So that is very encouraging and exciting. 

Dowe and I have been taking the Dave Ramsey FPU class to help us get out of debt and become wiser with the money God has given us. This has caused us to make several changes in the ways we deal with and think about money. Including making a budget and trying our hardest to stick to it! We've just started the budget portion so I'm sure you will get updates on how it's going in the coming weeks/months. :) 
We're also starting to look at the possibility of buying our first home. This is all very exciting change but also a little challenging. 

Which brings me to a question for you all: What are some of your favorite money saving tips for grocery shopping as well as favorite inexpensive meals? I am working on trying to get my shopping list around and seem to be really struggling with it as of lately. So any help would be warmly welcomed!

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