Monday, March 21, 2011

Reasons for blogging

I have decided to blog again. I use to have a blog on a different website and due to several different reasons I needed to create a new blog and start fresh. But before I begin to blog I feel I need to share the reasons I am going to begin blogging again. So here they are,
My Reasons for Blogging:

1) There are things I am trying to work on in my life to better myself and my family's life and I am thinking this may help keep me accountable. 

2) I am a young wife. I have several other friends who are also young wives and there is a lot of transitioning that goes along with becoming someone's help-mate, counterpart, love, spouse, other half. And though I do not have this whole thing down pat yet I'm thinking it would be nice to be able to share in my struggles as a wife with other soon-to-be wives/recently wives. 

3) I am a young mom and I know there are several other young moms out there that may possibly be feeling the same things I am. And though I do not want this blog to become a place to just gripe and complain (as I LOVE being a mommy!) but there are those days where you didn't get dressed till it was almost time to go to bed, only fed your family a quick little not much to talk about meal, and you just feel like pulling your hair out! I want to be able to share in the joys, tears, fears, and privilege of motherhood. 

4) I am still a woman. This is one of those things that is sometimes hard to remember as a wife and mother that I am still a woman. I am finding more and more as a stay-at-home/work-from-home mom and wife that I NEED some sort of outlet that is mine. I am hoping that maybe this will give that to me? I know I will probably be blogging a lot about my boys (husband and son) but I also want to be able to give myself that time. 

5) Accountability. I know I somewhat touched on this already but now to tell a little bit more about what this means for me. I am thinking of taking on some Challenges. And though I do not know what all of what they will include I do know that if there is a slight chance that someone will be reading my blog and "checking up" on me that will help me to be more consistent with completing my goals. 

So here it first blog towards becoming a better me. A better Woman, Wife, and Mother.

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