Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My Paradigm Shift

The dictionary defines a paradigm shift as a radical change in underlying beliefs or theory, a fundamental change in approach or assumptions, and acceptance by a majority of a changed belief,attitude, or way of doing things.

A couple of weeks ago my Pastor did a sermon that couldn't have been any more perfect.
He was talking about how our "Beliefs determine the Decisions we make and those Decisions result in the Outcomes of our lives. If we want to have better outcomes its not just a matter of re-deciding some things but evaluating what we really believe." 

This is exactly what I am going through currently. A major shift in some of my underlying beliefs, a change in my approach, and a change in my way of doing things. As well as hopefully a change of attitude. This Blog will be documenting my paradigm shift and the changes my family and I will be going through. I know it will not be an instant change but I am looking forward to the change. My personal paradigm shift started months ago but just as of recently has it begun to really make sense as well as take shape. I know I have a long ways to go but I am enjoying the transformations so far. 

So this blog is about My Paradigm Shift. In this I will be sharing the change in my Beliefs, the different decisions I make, and the outcome of this whole journey.

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