Thursday, September 15, 2011

Don't Leave Tigger Behind!

Its amazing how kids can become so attached to something.
My son has this cute little Tigger stuffed animal that he cannot live without!
Thankfully he is a cute and not ridiculously huge to have to tote around.

see what I mean? Cute right?

He refuses to take naps without Tigger and bedtime is a nightmare if Tigger is MIA.
This past Sunday we went to my parent's house for a family get together which included my dad's whole side of the family and their kids. So at this fun party we had my Grandparents (Dad's parents) my Grandma (mom's mom) My parents, 4 Aunts, 4 Uncles, 6 Cousins, My sister, Dowe, myself, and Monkey. A grand total of 23, 24 people...Aunt J is pregnant! YAY!

My parent's house is small so having all of those people inside just wont work. So it was an outside really fun picnic. Until it started to pour that is! Thankfully we had one tent type thing up to sit under while the storm passed. That is...until the storm came back with a vengeance. Lightning struck really close by and scared most of us enough to cram into my parent's house. Then we lost power at around 5 I think.

Seriously best family picnic ever! No really. It was a lot of fun. We actually didn't get power back until around 10:30pm but everyone was cool about it. We really did have a nice time. A lot of the family left around 6:30 but we stayed and visited with my parents longer. Once the rain stopped we all went back outside (the 6 of us that were still there) and sat around the fire pit and toasted S'mores. I did my sisters nails by flashlight and firelight just because we could and then packed up to head home.

We were getting ready to leave just as the lights came on. Now as I said before my son is completely attached to Tigger. We have had Tig since before Monkey was born and he has been in the crib ever since it was set up. Monkey was toting Tigger around Mima's and Papa's house while we were getting ready to go and some how...He got left behind!

Dowe and I were already on the road a little ways when I asked him "We grabbed Tigger right?" He said he wasn't totally sure but he thought he was in one of the bags. We decided not to pull over and check or to turn around as we had a drive ahead of us and were starting to get tired.

Once home, I looked all through the car, checked in all of the bags, and discovered Tigger had been left behind. I sent a text to my mom letting her know we were home but that Tigger had gotten left behind and we would have to figure out when we could get him back.

Now mind you it probably wouldn't have been such a big deal except that Monkey started cutting his incisor teeth. They are officially the WORST teeth to have to cut. He has been a miserable little boy lately and not having his Tigger has not helped one bit!

My parents stopped by on their way to a business board meeting and brought us the long lost friend. My boy has been MUCH happier all day. Tigger hasn't been far from his side all day and he has gotten many many hugs and kisses. More than this mommy in fact. I'm even starting to get slightly jealous. Oh well, at least my monkey is happier and even though he's still in some pain trying to cut some teeth he has his Tig by his side. :)

Note to self....Never leave Tigger behind again! Take the time to make sure 100% that we have him with us!

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